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by Saad Malik


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A friend’s daughter just got married recently. When asked what she would like as a wedding present, her immediate answer was “the best household vacuum cleaner, please. Preferably a lightweight canister vacuum such as the Miele Neptune, for my small, 2-level house. Or maybe a carpet steam cleaner from the Hoover Platinum Collection range, would be great for my fully carpeted floors.” This just show what an important role the vacuum cleaner plays in our life. We have become dependent on it to ease our burden in keeping our house spotlessly clean.

In the old days before vacuum cleaner was invented, floors were swept using a broom. Dust flew everywhere. Even after sweeping, the floor would still be dusty. Then, the floor might be cleaned further using a wet mop or the tedious and energy draining, scrubbing by hand. So much time and energy was used up just to keep the floor reasonably clean.

Fast forward to NOW. Life has become so much easier where cleaning house is concerned. We have the vacuum cleaners and now the carpet steam cleaners which has cut down the time spent on house cleaning, freeing our time for relaxation and therefore a more quality life. With the invention of robotic vacuums, we can even multi-task; vacuuming and maybe even cooking at the same time! Time saving has become more meaningful.

Household vacuum cleaners come in various sizes; mid-size upright vacuums or the small and portable lightweight canister vacuums, stick vacuums, practical hand-held vacuums or the cute and adorable robotic vacuums. To choose the best vacuum cleaner for your household, you have to take into considerations:

1. The size of your house. The compact canister is more suitable for smaller homes or with lots of stairs. Being lightweight, carrying it around is less tiring.

2. Fully carpeted or mostly bare floors. Upright vacuums with their power heads and more powerful suction, are better at sucking up dirt from carpets and especially good at removing pet dander. Households with lots of carpets and lots of pets are better off with an upright vacuum. Canisters that come attached with turbo heads can do an equally good job on carpets too. Or maybe you can consider a model that has an upright as well as a portable canister attached, two for the price of one, such as the Hoover Platinum Bagged UH30010Com.

3. HEPA filter vacuum meaning high efficiency particulate air filter vacuum. These filters can trap up to 99.9% of minute dust contaminants up to 0.3 microns. Allergy sufferers especially those who own pets, should consider hepa vacuum cleaners.

Of course a powerful motor providing strong suction together with various on-board tools suited to your various needs, are also important considerations. Not to forget to check the efficiency of after sales service and easy availability of spare parts. A long-term warranty is indeed an attractive feature as it shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. Hoover Platinum series come with a 6 year motor warranty.

Yes, cleaning house has a totally new meaning compared to the olden days. Vacuum cleaners for households have become a necessity in our lives. With the advent of the Internet, conveniently

buying the best vacuum cleaner online is just a mouse click away.

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