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Choosing the Best Shoes For Zumba – Athletic Vs Dance


by Saad Malik


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There are two types of shoes that are popular among people who are taking a zumba class: dance-sneakers and dance-aerobic shoes. Here is a description of the functionality of each type of shoe so you can make a decision on which one is the best.

Dance-sneakers are usually recognized by their split soles. There is a supportive sole on the ball of the foot and a sole that supports the heel of the foot. The middle of the shoe has no support and allows the shoe to practically bend in half. This allows great flexibility in the foot for pointing, spinning and standing on pointe. These shoes are usually very lightweight and feel very comfortable on the foot. They may have little or no arch support and some have a pivot point on the ball of the foot for better spinning. Sneakers made for dance are great for ballroom dancers who need to give their feet a break from wearing high heeled shoes. They use them for rehearsing and practice. Some dance-sneakers have a supportive box toe so that the dancer can stand on pointe. Dance-sneakers are also worn by hip-hop dancers and swing dancers who dance with the weight on the balls of the feet.

Athletic shoes or dance-fitness shoes, also referred to as dance-aerobic shoes, are made for performing a combination of dance and fitness moves. They have the support and shock absorption of a cross-trainer with the lightness of a dance shoe. They also have minimal tread on the sole of the foot for easy pivoting and gliding across the floor. Zumba is a combination of mostly latin dancing and basic fitness moves and may contain low to high impact exercises. A zumba class is often cardio intensive and the exercises may produce stress on the knees and hips. Athletic shoes or shoes made especially for dance fitness will provide the support and stability you will need for this type of aerobic class.

Choosing a shoe for zumba may be based on many things from considering the type of floor that you are dancing on to preferring a shoe with extra support or extra width. The best shoe is one that gives you a combination of support for your feet and legs along with an ease of movement across the floor.

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