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Dog Smell – 8 Great Tips to Get Rid of Dog Odors and Keep Your Home Always Smelling Fresh and Clean


by Saad Malik


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Unfortunately, this is a problem for most dog owners. We love our adorable pets but we don’t love the mess they can bring into our homes. What was at the top of the list when asked what the hardest thing was for them being a dog owner?…pet hair and the odor.

What Is A Dog Owner To Do?

1. Use A Good Quality Cleaner: Use a cleaner that is an enzyme-based dog odor neutralizer which will kill the urine scent. (make sure you follow the directions very carefully) Use enough of the product so it deeply penetrates the stain. If your dog pees on the carpet, it will get into the padding so you must soak it up. If you don’t get rid of the smell, your dog may think he can keep going back to that same spot because he will smell it. If you are still training a pup, you will make your toilet training much harder than it is.

2. Start Out With The Obvious Spots: Keep the areas clean where Fido sleeps, eats and plays, because this is where the odor will be most dominant. If you clean these areas at least twice a week you can eliminate the odor. Wash his water and food bowls in your dishwasher as often as possible and clean the areas UNDER the place where he eats, too. Sometimes food collects underneath the bowls.

3. Keep Your Floors Clean: This means you need to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week or in really bad cases, three times a week. For regular floors, Swiffer actually makes a “Sweeper Vac” that is great for wood, tile or vinyl. The cloth is textured so it traps the dog hair, plus you can reach hair that gets trapped under your appliances.

4. If Fido Is Not Trained, Clean The Mess Immediately: It will be a lot easier on you if you clean up your dog’s mess right away. They clean easier when they are fresh. Use a paper towel that will SOAK UP and absorb as much of the mess as possible and THEN clean it with a cleaning solution.

5. NEVER Use Ammonia: You may not know this, but if you use ammonia to clean up after your dog odors, he may go back to that spot and relieve himself. To a dog, ammonia smells just like urine! Plus your dog will be wondering why you are mad at him for peeing on your carpet!

6. Remove Dog Hair From Your Furniture: You MUST remove the dog hair from your furniture because it smells up your whole house! These days, most vacuum cleaners come with a pet hair attachment. If you don’t have one, you can use tape sheets, which can work wonderfully or even a damp cloth that doesn’t promote lint on your furniture. (old t-shirts work great)

7. Buy Washable Fabrics: Make sure all the bedding, pet clothes and even your dog’s toys are machine washable. I wash my dog’s toys at least twice a week. They can smell terrible! Also, when washing their bedding, make sure you include everything AROUND the area where he sleeps, too. (floor, mat, etc.)

8. Keep Your Dog Clean: This is probably one of the most important tips. Start the cleaning process where the smell starts. Doggy odors always start with a dirty dog. Make grooming a routine in your household. If you don’t like bathing your dog, take him to a groomer 2-3 times a month. You can clean your home every day, but if your dog is dirty and smelly you are running around in circles. There’s no greater feeling than a “just bathed” doggy giving you his little doggy kisses.

Source by Susan Benson

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