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Dust Mites, Does The Rainbow Vacuum Really Get Rid Of Them?


by Saad Malik


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Years ago when I was doing Rainbow vacuum cleaner demonstrations I never ceased being amazed at how much dirt and dust I saw in most folks homes. Invariably I was able to turn the water muddy in the 2 quart water basin that the Rainbow uses instead of a bag. Actually, the water always looked like it had been taken from the Mississippi river or a local muddy creek.

A major health concern of homeowners today is dust mites. Most people don’t realize that dust mites are a problem in the average home. One reason dust mites like to live with you in your home is because it is comfortable there and they have plenty to eat. Dust mites like to make sandwiches of human skin… hold the mayo please.

I remember doing a demonstration one time at an upper middle class home in a very nice community a few years ago. The house was quite new and looked very nice and clean on the inside even though they had two small dogs. They were extremely upset after I vacuumed a small area of their carpet and then showed them what was in it. The water had turned muddy as usual but what shocked them the most was the fact that the water also contained a bunch of newly drowned fleas. Needless to say, they bought a unit for their family that night.

Yes, the Rainbow vacuum does vacuum up dust mites, fleas, and lots of other nasty things and puts them where they belong… in the water.

Source by Steve McArthur

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