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Dyson DC33 Review – Best Value Canister Vacuum


by Saad Malik


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Spring is here and what better time to get the house looking good, for most of us that involves doing things we wish other people could do for us like vacuuming. Recently my old Hoover bit the dust, tried to fix it but in the end had to say goodbye to old faithful.

Luckily, my dad the savvy gadget collector he is had a like new Dyson just sitting around waiting for its next assignment. I’ve seen these advanced machines in action but never had a reason to own one until I got married a last year.

For a vacuum cleaner I have to say, the Dyson DC33 not only looks like something out of a NASA project but also performs like no other Multi Floor Upright Vacuum on planet Earth.

Number one, it’s lightweight at a mere 17.6 pounds and easy to maneuver around yet powerful enough to trap microscopic dust particles to some ridiculous amount.

Onto number two, I’ve found that the it comes with a bag less hygienic bin which is a plus because you never have to replace a bag or make contact with it’s contents.

My only real gripe has to be removing the hair jammed in the brush bar, which is true of all vacuums including my last one.

Also, I’ve found that this model lacks the ball mechanism, which is supposed to give the vacuum better maneuverability but for the cost difference I feel that the Dyson DC33 gets around just fine.

One other thing I love about this vacuum is that it works great in picking up my dogs hair, really don’t see a need for the pet vacuum which could be a cost saving to you.

Then, it also is great for cleaning other things like my car. I found the crevice tool to be very useful in reaching those to hard to get places in my car, way better suction than a shop vac. An added benefit over the shop vac is the noise level, the DC33 is really quiet and I love how versatile the wand tool is just wish it was aluminum not plastic but a small price to pay in the name of cost savings.

In general, I find it hard to see myself using another vacuum for a long time because it is user friendly, powerful, lightweight and a great value at under $300.

I’ve chosen this vacuum because it also ranks high with consumers, as a multi-purpose upright canister. Feel free to check customer reviews on sites like Amazon, this will help determine whether or this vacuum is right for you.

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