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Emotional and Spiritual Prototypes


by Saad Malik


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Whatever you place your attention (focus) on in life is what you’ll find.

The problem is, many people would like one thing, but they’re looking for something totally different. What do I mean by this? Please let me explain something, “Whatever you think about most of the time is what you will discover or create in your life.” This is not a new age thought it is a matter of fact.

If you look around the room where you are currently sitting and focus on the color red, you will notice the things that are colored red. The same goes for your life.

If you are focusing on lack, loneliness, devastation, negativity, you will notice more of these things in your life. The contrary is true as well.

If you only focus on the positive things in life by changing the habit of your thoughts, you will soon be creating a better life. Although this is not a new concept for creating better things in life, it is still one of the most violated laws of attraction.

There is one step beyond thinking positive for creating a better life. If you want to create more positive things in your life, concentrate on what I call the Emotional/Spiritual Prototypes. This is where you imagine what you desire and then create the emotions of what you will possess when this particular thing is part of your every day existence. Do not concentrate on the particular thing but on the emotions that particular thing will give you.

By using the Emotional/Spiritual Prototype Technique, you will retrain your thinking to eliminate any thought that is not directed toward your intention. Also, you will actually create a void in the universe.

The void is created by you establishing the energy of your desire as if it already exists. In turn a vacuum is created and the universe will always fill a vacuum with the corresponding thing.

Remember you have been thinking adversary thoughts for a long time so the initial changing of habits may take a few days. Hang in there by continuing to focus your thoughts only on the Emotional/Spiritual Prototypes and soon your desire will come.

Isn’t it funny when you read about any successful person throughout history, they have all said exactly what I am sharing with you today. All successful people know the law of attraction exists and used it to achieve their greatness. If all successful people have used this technique to create their desires, don’t you think you should stop for a moment and consider the validity and power of this technique.

In Service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Source by Dr. Michael J. Duckett

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