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Fighting Dirt Build Up With Carpet Cleaning Systems


by Saad Malik


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With the increasing awareness about the benefits of using advanced cleaning machines for carpet maintenance, people are gradually beginning to look for equipment more powerful than vacuum cleaners and offer superior cleaning results. Ideally, the machine you choose must be efficient, durable, user-friendly, and suitable for use on almost all types of rugs. It must also offer quality results and leave the carpets absolutely clean and nice-smelling. For this reason, you must try using the best carpet shampoo machines.

Fighting odors

Ask any homemaker or cleaning expert about the toughest part of rug maintenance and they are likely to mention the task of deodorizing carpets. In fact, carpets that emanate odors can be a serious issue in homes, stores, and offices. Rugs are likely to smell bad, if they are not maintained properly on a regular basis. Carpets that do not dry well after a cleaning session can also emit foul odors. A bad-smelling rug in a commercial area, such as an office or a store, can turn away customers and convey a poor impression of their professional standards. Fortunately, one can easily avoid such a situation by deep cleaning carpets with carpet shampoo machines.

Why do carpets smell bad? In homes, carpets can get messy, dull, and foul-smelling, due to the following reasons:

  • Dirt and grime from shoes.
  • Food deposits.
  • Pet urine, discharge, or vomit.
  • Beverage spills.

Of these, pet discharge, in particular, can make rugs smell extremely horrible. Vacuuming simply extracts loose and particulate deposits, it does not eliminate dried pet discharge, pet urine, or the foul odors caused by all these reasons. For this reason, you must try using heated versions of carpet shampoo machines.

The hot moisture generated by carpet shampoo machines helps soften dirt deposits and eliminates foul odors from the rugs. The hot moisture ejected by carpet cleaning machines penetrates right down to the base of the carpet and softens the dirt deposits trapped between the rug fibers. The vacuum extraction function of rug steam cleaners helps extract the dissolved deposits and moisture, leaving the carpets clean and almost dry.

Better than scrubbing and washing

How do you tackle dirt build up on carpets? If you believe that using chemicals on the affected area and scrubbing well is a great way of cleaning rugs, then remember that chemicals can weaken your carpet fibers and even damage the delicate ones. Scrubbing can also damage the appeal of carpets. To remove dirt build up from a rug and extend its life, using carpet cleaning equipment is advisable.

Heated versions of carpet cleaning machines generate moisture at temperatures of up to 210°F, thereby dissolving the toughest deposits almost instantly. Even if the carpet has ink, wine, blood, crayon, juice, chocolate, coffee or lipstick build up, simply utilizing the power of rug steam cleaners can give you a clean and fresh carpet.

While purchasing carpet cleaning machine, make sure it is a low flow version that utilizes very low volume of water for cleaning. Low flow carpet shampoo machines also ensure faster drying time of about one to four hours.

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