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Flea Removal – Pet Flea Control Starts at Home But Does Not Stop There


by Saad Malik


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Spring and autumn are peak seasons of flea infestation. But if you do not manage the flea removal measures well enough, you will likely run the risk for having to contend with these parasite 365 days a year for years to come. The key tips of totally getting rid of all of them is to adopt proper, regular house cleaning, which includes not only your home, but also yard, car, RVs and all movables. The main reason is simple, as you do not wish to have your regularly cleaned home cross infested by fleas from your RV or car. Many people do not notice the links between movables and your home and neglect the issues of cross infestation and re infestation. A comprehensive pet flea control plan should be all encompassing in order to be totally effective.

Clean every room in your home thoroughly by first vacuuming all the flooring as well as carpets. Remember to dispose safely of the vacuum bag by burning it. Clean all your flooring with a mixture of detergent, disinfectant and warm water. Wash all your carpets, and better still, steam clean them. The steam which reaches deep into the fibers of the carpet is capable of killing the parasites. Wash all coverings, draperies and bedding in a warm mixture of detergent and disinfectant. Hang to dry.

Cleaning your RV and car require similar meticulousness to ensure that you thoroughly clean all space to prevent cross infestation. The tricky areas in your car are the leather crevasses which need to be meticulously cleaned carefully.

And if you own an open garden or yard, and are very susceptible to stray cats and dogs, it is advisable that you fence it up to prevent unwelcome flea infested strays from passing on the parasites into your home.

You might already have started a effective pet flea treatment, but if a strict home cleaning regime is ignored, you will never be able to execute flea removal successfully. So complete your pet flea control plan with comprehensive home cleaning measures as well as flea remedies.

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