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Flea Removal – Your Guide to Natural Dog Flea Treatment


by Saad Malik


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While flea dogs are a common sight especially in spring and summer, they can become very challenging when it comes to executing the right type of dog flea treatment. The different types of ailments associated with these pests are none other than tapeworms as well as dermatitis, just to name a few. When this happens, flea removal will be difficult to manage.

We dog owners, are some times in denial when it comes to accepting the fact that our pets are flea infested. This is very true when we do no look hard enough for the tiny little pests which often eludes the naked eye until full infestation happens. It is good hence to take precautions like using flea combs after bathing so that you could get as much flea out of the body and hair as possible. To spot whether the pests exists, simply clean the comb with a piece of paper towel and if you should see dark brownish red spots, your suspicions are confirmed. These reddish spots are in fact fleas which have been feeding on the blood of your dog.

Knowing the fleas life cycle is an important step towards controlling them. Each flea is capable of laying about 25 to 50 eggs per day and their incubation cycle varies from seven days to two years depending on the conduciveness of the incubation period of from larvae, pupa to full grown adults. Hence, you literally can expect an onslaught of a full infestation within one week. The key to stopping the cycle is effective use of dog flea treatment at this stage.

Spot treatment for your dog might not be the only type of dog flea treatment you resort to. Look around your home, monitor the activities of your dog, know where his or her favorite haunts are, what kind of company does he or she keep. For instance, if you have an open yard and your dog loves to play with strays which are perpetually visiting, you might consider setting up a fence and cleaning up the yard to get rid of pests. And if there is a favorite carpet or sofa that your dog loves to nuzzle up in, thorough wash them in hot water and detergent before sun drying them well.

Meticulous home cleaning on a daily basis with a powerful HEPA vacuum cleaner and steam mop is recommended. In fact, you need to clean all furniture and upholstery which your dog might have come into contact with. Cleaning also includes all bedrooms, the basement, attic, patio and even the deck furniture. And remember one other aspect which most people tend to forget, that is, you need to clean your car too if you have ever taken the pets out for a ride. Leave out one and your flea removal plan might just fail miserably.

Always remember, you are never done cleaning, because as long as you keep pets in your home, you will have to keep cleaning and washing, giving them a good environment as well as applying the right dog flea treatment for flea removal and getting rid of flea dogs for good.

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