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Flea Shampoo For Dogs


by Saad Malik


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Every owner of a pet dog knows that fleas will probably be an issue eventually. Even if their pet stays in doors all of the time, he or she will still be at risk of getting fleas. A dog usually gets fleas from other dogs and animals as well as flea infested grass and brush. Humans usually pass on fleas to their pet by coming in contact with other pets that are carrying fleas or by passing through an area that has fleas. Once fleas set up shop on your pets they continue to breed quickly. Fleas are very difficult to control and get rid of. It often takes a multiple staged approach using several different products. You will need to treat your dog as well as the indoor and outdoor environments to completely get rid of them. Many dog owners are unaware that their home should also be treated with appropriate flea control products. Just vacuuming and sweeping your house will not eradicate fleas.

Flea shampoo is designed to make eradicating fleas easy, quick and painless. Flea shampoo for dogs come in many different brands. Most of these are over the counter medicated shampoos that will kill fleas on contact. Some of the products will also kill ticks and lice. One of the best flea shampoo brands which is consistently rated high by consumers is called Adams. The best flea shampoo for dogs will also be a good alternative for a regular shampoo. You want a shampoo that will also thoroughly clean your pet and leave him smelling great with a shiny coat. Pet owners should also be aware of the existence of organic products and shampoos for animals with sensitive skin.

Organic based flea shampoos for dogs are products that use all natural ingredients instead of pesticides. These are considered safer for your pets since they are 100% non-toxic. Though most conventional brands are considered safe by veterinarians, there is concern that heavy and repetitive use could be less than healthy for your dog. If you use flea shampoo on a very regular basis, organic brands may be best for your pet. These products use a wide variety of ingredients that have been proven to kill or repel fleas in nature. Some of these ingredients include flower scents and extracts, natural herbs, and oils. Many of the ingredients also have the secondary benefit of giving your dog a shiny coat and a pleasant smell. Some top brands include Botanical Dog, Veterinarian’s Best, and Doctor Harvey’s. All natural flea shampoos can also be easier on pets with sensitive skin

If you happen to have a dog with sensitive skin, you’ll want to consult your vet for the best products to use. The last thing you want is to irritate any existing skin problems that make your pet even more uncomfortable. Some flea shampoos that use chemicals and pesticides may make pre-existing skin problems worse. Organic shampoos may be your best bet if your pet suffers from such a condition or any type of skin allergies. Some recommended brands to try are Davis Triple Pyrethrin Shampoo, Defender Organic Shampoo, Tomlyn Nova Pearls Shampoos, and Nova Pearls Sensitive Skin Formula. Some brands are specifically formulated and medicated to treat your dog’s sensitive skin while also killing fleas, lice, and ticks. Many name brands such as Adams have specific shampoos for these types of situations.

When bathing your dog with flea killing products, make sure to cover his entire coat thoroughly. Work the product up to a thick lather and rub it firmly through the coat. Make sure to get the product onto your pet’s skin. Rinse your pet thoroughly and dry him or her with a towel. Make sure to also treat the environment to prevent new fleas from getting on your pet. Consult a veterinarian before using more than one type of shampoo or flea medication.

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