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Guinea Pig Cage Ideas For Cubes & Coroplast


by Saad Malik


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Guinea pig cage ideas can be both fun to create, and tedious at the same time. Making sure your cavy has the right amount space to run, sleep, eat is an important aspect of designing a cage. With the famous Cubes & Coroplast (C&C) cages you can customize your desired cage to your available space and still meet the needs of your guinea pigs. C&C cages are of equal or lesser cost of most store-bought cages and hutches, and usually several times more spacious.

Cubes & Coroplast are the best foundation when it comes to creating guinea pig cage ideas. The endless possibilities even with limited space is what makes C&C cages such a great cage idea and choice. Below are few quick ideas for you to consider when building your cavy’s cage.

Make a Separate Litter Box

Many C&C cage owners build a separate litter box with the left over coroplast, and place a hay rack over it. This is an excellent guinea pig cage idea because hay gets everywhere very easily. Placing a litter box with your choice of wood bedding or carefresh below hay will keep the cage much cleaner.

If you are patient and really want to challenge your little buddies, try litter training. This can make clean up much easier and make the cage look much cleaner than without this training.

Storage Below The Cage

Make a two-story C&C cage and place the cage part on the 2nd story it the first story on the ground. This way you can store all the food, and other important items you use for or with taking care of your cavy. It’s a fast and easy way to grab and go when you’re caring for your cavies. Storing hay, food, grooming items, and nearly anything you can consider is a good idea.

Two-Story Cage

Running out of space horizontally? Then a two-story guinea pig cage is for you. Adding a second level adds excellent exercise to your cavy’s day. However, be sure that your still offer a clear path around the perimeter of the first floor of the cage. A cavy requires a clear, uninterrupted path when they choose to do laps in the cage for exercise. That is why it is suggested to have a ramp that begins in the middle of the cage that leads upwards, rather than a ramp that is located on the perimeter. Just a guinea pig cage idea you should consider. Placing a small hand-held vacuum cleaner can help to quickly pickup your pet’s waste.

Hay Feeders

Place two grids together and create a hay feeder that can be placed anywhere in the cage. This a guinea pig cage idea that is typical for most owners as you can make a hay feeder out of left over grids from your initial C&C materials purchase.

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