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Healthiest & Best Vacuum For Homeowners – Water Filtrated Cleaning Multi-Purpose Cleaning System


by Saad Malik


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A clean home, healthier environment and cleaner indoor air are all important to everyone, especially when cleaning one’s home. The Thermax AF2 is a multi-function machine that will allow you to vacuum, mop, steam clean and purifier your house air with one device. Households with individuals that have poor breathing conditions, asthma, allergies or any bronchial issue will truly appreciate the wonders of using this device to clean your home.

The Thermax AF2 has changed the way people clean their home by using the sanitizing strength of water. The machine was mirrored for homeowners use after the commercial Thermax CP3, CP5 and CP12 which pioneered the way commercial cleaners clean. Simply fill a reservoir tank with natural water from your tap and you can begin your allergy free cleaning with the most efficient filtration system in the world. The AF2 will trap in the water tank mold spores, dust mites, smells and other bacteria that are in your home. Unlike other vacuums on the market this Thermax will only release clean water filtered air back into your home. You’ll never have to change a bag as the water tank is capturing everything and you’ll never experience that fly back dust from taking your bag out of the vacuum.

The Thermax AF2 is 4 systems in one device.

  • Air Purification System that will release clean air back into your home while filtering out the dirty air. You can also apply a fragrance to aromatize your home while cleaning the air. Just place it in any room and turn it on to run.
  • Vacuum Cleaner that can pull more dirt, lint, animal hair, dust mites and much more out of the carpet than other vacuums.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning System that will outperform many commercial machines. Extracts the dirt and water leaving your carpet cleaner and dryer.
  • Hard Surface Steam Cleaning System that will leave your hard flooring cleaner than ever before.

The Thermax AF2 is a great choice for all home owners. Many uses are all in this one machine that will last homeowners an estimated 25 plus years and an unheard of 10 year warranty. This machine will thoroughly clean your home better than any other machine comparable and leave your home much healthier. Homeowners will love this water filtrated cleaning system.

Source by Michael Kawula

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