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High Quality and Very Reliable – You Can’t Go Wrong With the Dyson DC-07


by Saad Malik


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How often do you replace your vacuum cleaner? Every year? Maybe every 3 or 5 years? Seems like that great suction power you used to get has run out and it’s time to go searching for a new one. How wonderful would it be to have a vacuum that runs just as well today as it did over 6 years ago!? Having that quality is a rarity, but it is more than possible to achieve that kind of quality with the Dyson DC-07 Upright Vacuum. The DC-07 performs so well and is very hard to come by but can be found if you look in the right places.

DC-07 Features

This Dyson comes equipped with a powerful 12 amp motor making sure to give a thorough cleaning to carpets and floors. It’s completely bagless design means that you do not have to buy or replace any vacuum bags as long as you own it, and from the looks of things that will be for a long time. Because it is bag less, you can actually see all the dirt and dust that is being pulled from the floor and air with powerful Cyclonic technology and waiting to be safely removed from the house once the dust bin is emptied. There is no need to buy filters either since the HEPA filter that comes equipped with the DC-07 is washable. The lifetime HEPA filter also captures 99% of dust mites, pollen, and ragweed which makes the vacuum ideal for allergy sufferers and people who suffer from asthma.

There’s also an incredibly long hose that is used for the attachments that come with it; a stair tool, crevice tool, and soft brush. Once attached to the hose, it is a breeze to vacuum those places that are usually just out of reach like ceiling fans, hanging pictures, ceiling corners, ledges, etc. Another bright point of the Dyson DC-07 is that it does not clog or get plugged up with a ball of debris. However, the folks at Dyson have included access points that are easily removed from the back of the vacuum in the rare event that something does gets stuck in it.

As reliable as it is, take note to make sure and clean the beater brush (the rotating brush underneath the vacuum) at least once a month to keep it in tip top shape.

DC-07 Rating

Our review and research of the Dyson DC-07 rates it as being a high quality upright vacuum cleaner and many online reviewers agree as well. Unlike most products made today, it is very reliable and stands tough through the test of time. Finding a brand new DC-07 is very hard but there are many quality factory refurbished DC-07’s available for purchase that will run about $200. If the price is a little alarming, just remember that you can expect to own this vacuum for years to come. It will continue to run just as well as it did when you first turned turned it on. Incredibly reliable and top rated, the Dyson DC-07 is a great choice when looking to buy a new vacuum.

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