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Hoover Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright U5175900 Vacuum Cleaner Review


by Saad Malik


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The Hoover Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright U5175900 is a lightweight, (at around 16 lbs) and well-designed compact vacuum cleaner. It comes with a pet hair tool, has a wide cleaning path of 15″ and has the ability to filter 100% of dust mites and 99.98% of ragweed and variety of grass pollens. An accessory tool kit is also included and stores conveniently on the vacuum. The dirt cup is easy to empty and means that there are no bags to buy or replace. The 12 amp motor provides plenty of powerful suction and the fold-down handle is ready to go without any assembly, simply remove the cleaner from the packaging and it is ready-to-go.

This Hoover vacuum cleaner is really a great value at $50-100 dollars. With details like a headlight and on board tools, it feels like a more expensive vacuum cleaner. As for looks, it certainly has the appearance of a very chic and modern cleaning machine. The best thing about this value-priced model is the fold-down handle. The machine is reduced by a third of its height with the handle folded down and can easily fit into the bottom of a closet without stealing valuable clothes space.

The Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright has a 3-level carpet height adjustment dial, which is nice for the various areas within a residential setting. The brush roller is motorized but does not have an automatic shut off switch, which can be a drawback, but for the price it may be forgivable. Other issues with this value model include a lack of self propulsion, no brushed edge cleaning, and there is no full bag (full cup) indicator. The lack of an indicator light to tell the operator that the cup is full can be a problem for those who aren’t prone to emptying the cup on a regular basis. The fact that the cup tends to become discolored over time is an issue because it becomes harder to tell when the cup is actually full.

The on board accessory tool kit is a nice added touch, but the problem is that there isn’t a lot of suction when compared to other vacuum cleaners. The pet brush is a great idea, but without more suction, its ability to clean is somewhat diminished. Yet, for a vacuum cleaner in this value range, it is a nice inclusion and is still valuable as a tool to extend the cleaning capabilities of this unit. In other words, if the tools aren’t relied on heavily, this compact vacuum is still a versatile machine that is more than able to tackle cobwebs and hard to reach areas as long as the debris is fairly light and not interwoven into carpet or upholstery fibers.

The Hoover Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright U5175900 is considered a light weight vacuum cleaner, but at a little over 16 lbs, it is actually a bit on the heavy side if the operator will be vacuuming large areas. On the flip side, the wider cleaning path means fewer passes in an area which can cut down on vacuuming time and be more efficient in the long run. The cord on this vacuum cleaner is a generous 24 ft. which is longer than the 20 ft. that is standard on many residential vacuum cleaners and again helps with efficiency. Although a bit loud for a residential machine, this compact Hoover model is a good value for under $100 dollars considering the amount of overall power, the allergen filtration and the included tool kit. The Hoover Fold away is one of the best vacuum cleaners that Hoover has produced to date.

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