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Horrific Penis Pump Gone Wrong Story – Do Not Read If You Are Faint Hearted!


by Saad Malik


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Have you ever considered buying a penis enlarging pump before? This product seems to have been around forever but is this because they’re easy to sell or because of successful results? The average pump can set you back $50-200, so it’s important to know that the product that you’re investing in is going to work, and more importantly, isn’t going to harm you. Safety in pumps has always been an issue, over pumping will eventually cause burst blood vessels and potentially further problems. Read on to hear about one man’s misfortune with a penis pump.

Chris Bailey is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in his early thirties, has 2 kids, in a happy marriage, yet always felt unhappy with his small penis. Chris was about 5.5 inches in length erect and bought a penis pump to spice up his sex life and please his wife more in the size department. After following the instructions in fine detail, Chris found that pumps only gave him a slight temporary increase in size and harder erections, he quickly became frustrated with the product. This led to Chris pumping harder than before in a desperate attempt to achieve what was promised to him – a permanently bigger penis. Chris pumped so hard that when he accidentally knocked his pump against his desk, his testicles were pulled into the pump. It shocked him at first but that was soon replaced with excruciating pain and described it as ”someone trying to rip your testicles off, one of the most painful experiences in my life”. It took him 6 long, incredibly painful minutes to take the pump off. He went to hospital and was even further shocked to discover that there could be permanent damage and that his chances of having kids again were very low. Thankfully, Chris had already walked down that road and no longer wanted any more kids. However, males around the world everywhere using pumps need to be aware of the dangers.

It’s very common to over pump, purely because the product does not deliver the results it promises, so the consumer becomes frustrated. Frustration leads to thinking that maybe you’re not pumping it ‘hard enough’. Over pumping leads to accidents just like this. This type of accident is sadly very common.

For a penis enlargement option that doesn’t run the risk of damage to the testicles or penis, and that is effective in increasing both length and girth – is the natural way. This is a method that uses the same hormones and biochemicals that were present in males bodies during puberty, to mimic the effects of penis growth. It sounds complicated and the development of this method has been by far simple. However, the results have been simple enough to understand. Longer, thicker, stronger penises with minimal risk.

What determines successful growth? With penis pumps, the penis swells to around 1/2 an inch longer maximum for no longer than 30 minutes. The natural method, actually allows the penis to grow, to give permanent growth. Penis length can be increased to 8 inches and beyond, surely that’s determined as successful? It’s an exciting new development that every man should consider if he is serious about increasing the size of his penis.

Source by Jim R Jacobson

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