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How HEPA Filters, Like The Dirt Devil F1 Filters, Work


by Saad Malik


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The Dirt Devil F1 filters and those like them are HEPA filters. You probably hear the word HEPA when speaking about all types of filters, but do you know what it means or what they are talking about? By understanding what a HEPA filter is, you will be better able to make a sound decision about whether or not you want or need one in your vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Defined

HEPA is an acronym that stands for high-efficiency particulate air. They are high-level filters designed to remove over 99% of particles that are 0.3 microns or more significant. The filter is made of a fiberglass-like material that does not allow particles of more than .3 microns through.

How Big Did You Say?

HEPA filters, as stated above, will keep out particles that are 0.3 microns more extensive, but what does that mean? A micron is a measurement that is equal to 1/1000 of a millimeter. That means HEPA filters like the Dirt Devil F1 filters can catch dust, pet dander, human hair, and virtually any other allergen in the air that is pushed through them.

How HEPA Works With Vacuum?

So you know HEPA filters get small particles out of the air, but what does that have to do with your vacuum cleaner? After all, the Dirt Devil F1 filters are made for vacuum cleaners.

Your vacuum is pulling air up from your carpet into the machine. A standard filter will remove the larger particles, like dust, and fire everything else back out.

However, a HEPA filter is the best filter available to the public and thus will take even more from the “dirty” air your vacuum pulls in. So your F1 or other vacuum HEPA filter will allow more debris to be removed from the air before your vacuum spits back into the room.

HEPA filters are so heavily advertised on vacuum boxes, in commercials, and even on websites. However, without knowing what they are, you cannot know if it is worth the extra money a company may charge.

With the above information, you are now equipped with the knowledge that you truly need when it comes time to decide if you need a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner for your home.

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