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How To Get Rid Of Dog Pee Stains And Pet Hair On Your Mattress


by Saad Malik


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Having a pet at home can be troublesome. You would have to deal with pee stains and accumulated pet hair. These problems can be challenging to deal with if your mattress is affected.

First, if you have a lot of pets at home and you allow them to sleep on your bed, make sure you use mattress covers. They can help repel moisture so you can easily wipe the excess moisture away. This will prevent the bed from absorbing dog pee.

Get Rid Of Dog Pee Stains And Pet Hair On Your Mattress

There are also bed lines that can prevent the accumulation of pet hair. Silk can be a good choice. Hair can be easily removed as they do not stick to the surface of the bed linens.

If you are dealing with these problems already, you should try the following cleaning tips:

  1. Remove the bed covers and wash them using your washing machine. Use a detergent with disinfecting properties. This will help get rid of germs and bacteria in the sheets.
  2. Use an absorbent tissue to remove as much excess pee as possible. Soak a small towel in warm water if it has already dried up. Wring out the excess and apply it on the affected area of the bed.
  3. Get an empty spray bottle. Mix one cup of white vinegar and one cup of warm water. Pour the mixture into the spray bottle. Spray this on the pee-stained areas of the bed. This will help disinfect the mattress. It will also get rid of stains. Leave it there until you are satisfied that the stains are completely gone.
  4. Sprinkle baking soda powder all over the mattress. This will help get rid of pee odor. Get a soft-bristled brush and use this to brush the surface of the mattress. It will also help make your mattress appear whiter.
  5. Get a canister vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress. Those vacuum machines with HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filter works better in removing dirt particles and pet hair. Carefully vacuum all sides of the bed until you are satisfied that there is no lingering pet hair on your mattress.
  6. After cleaning the bed, let it dry completely. Do not use it if it is still damp. You can try placing the bed in a dry and sunny area.
  7. Place your mattress back in your bedroom and put on new bed covers. This is also the best time to place a mattress cover if you have already bought one.

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