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How to Increase Your Penis Size With Penis Exercises – Gain 2 Inches in 30 Days!


by Saad Malik


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Did you know that there is a way to add 2 inches to your penis size in less than 30 days completely naturally, without using any potentially dangerous methods, such as:

  • Vacuum pumps: sometimes using pumps can result in damage of the elastic tissue. Also they are effective only in giving you a stronger erection, but will nothing for your size.
  • Pills: they may contain chemicals that carry serious risk to your health and they are useless anyway.
  • Lotions: creams and lotions have only temporary results and could lead to infections.
  • Hanging Weights: this method can cause problems in circulation and possible deformation.
  • Surgery: it has many drawbacks. It’s very expensive, requires a long recovery period and can cause scars to your member. Only 40% of men who had the male enhancement surgery are actually satisfied with the results.

The Best Method: Penis Enlargement Exercises!

These special massaging exercises, also called jelqing or milking, will gradually enlarge the penile chambers by forcing more blood to flow to the area. This will cause your manhood to grow, similar to what happens with muscles. Milking is the cheapest way to add a few inches and it doesn’t have any side-effects. This ancients massaging technique can help you increase both your girth and length in only a few weeks. The only thing you need to do is dedicate 10 minutes every day and repeat each session 4-5 times per week.

After you achieve the length and girth you desire, you can stop the workout and the results will be permanent. You can perform the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home, without anyone suspecting anything.

Joining a natural male enhancement program that will teach you the correct way to do the exercise, is highly recommended.

Source by Alex B. Marshall

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