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How to Maintain Your Bags


by Saad Malik


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With the development of our economy, the income of our citizens is increasing. And people can afford themselves to buy many bags if they like. But problem arises at the same time. They will become dirty after a period of use so how do you maintain your handbags?

And in the following words, I would like to share my experience of maintaining my bags with you.

Cloth bags

The cloth ones are made of canvas, denim or cotton. Generally, they can be dry-cleaned or washed, and those with many stripes or bright color must be dry-washed, or they will fade away. We can put some washing-up liquid on the dirty place and brush it gently. Sometimes we press it with an electric iron in order to keep its shape.

Leather bags

Usually, leather ones need coating with maintenance oil and washing regularly. We can put the oil on a piece of clean cotton cloth and wipe the handbag evenly. Be careful not to collide it with hard object. Every week we should wipe it with a piece of wet cloth and if we have dirt on it, we can mop with a little moderate detergent and let it dry naturally. If the dirt cannot be removed with cloth, an eraser comes in handy. When there are black spots on the surface of the handbag, we can use a piece of leather in the same color with some alcohol to wipe them out.

Flannelette bags

We can firstly wash this kind of bags in a conventional way and then wash the flannelette part with moderate solution. When we are drying it, remember to put the flannelette part in the upward direction and you’d better use a dryer in the rainy days. In addition, the collar cleaner has a better effect to avoid color fading so it may be a good choice.

All in all, the best way to maintain your handbag is to cherish it and enjoy yourself with it. What you have read above are my methods of maintaining my bags and what about your experience.

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