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Information About Rubbermaid Model 9VMH15 Vacuum Cleaners


by Saad Malik


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The long awaited Rubbermaid vacuum line has finally arrived. After many missed launch dates and many years in research and development it looks like it was worth the wait. The Rubbermaid vacuum line includes twelve very well designed and user friendly models that include upright vacuum cleaners, backpack vacuum cleaners and wet dry vacuums. The MH and PH vacuums top off the lineup going up against the Sanitaire commercial vacuum line and the highly popular Windsor Versamatic.

The Rubbermaid 9VMH15 is a sleek looking vacuum cleaner in yellow and black with all the extras that a commercial cleaner would want. The MH glides effortlessly across the floor with great downward suction from its large and powerful single motor with more than ample power. Although the MH is a heavy vacuum the brush creates a forward motion that rivals the self propulsion systems on the older Kirby vacuum cleaners that were popular in the 70’s and 80’s. The MH series is sure to give the competition in its class a run for the money. For almost the same price as the high end Sanitaire models and half the price as the hard hitting Windsor Versamatic this vacuum cleaner is sure to be a smash hit in the U.S commercial cleaning market.

It seems that Rubbermaid took a good look at the competition before designing this vacuum and took the best ideas from many vacuums and built the ultimate. The pull out wand has a comfortable handle grip with and extra wide tube to prevent clogging. The wand easily detaches from the suction tube for east cleaning of larger debris. The onboard tools tuck neatly into the back cover panel, don’t stick out, and remain secure even if the vacuum is dropped. The arsenal of tools includes and extra large wand, crevice tool and rectangle brush accessory.

The upper handle pulls away from the vacuum cleaner for easy replacement of the cord and can be replaced in seconds if a backup handle is readily available. The handle is very ergonomic and comfortable to grasp with a very accessible and reliable on and off switch. The vacuum cleaner is intelligent not only in design but also in performance. With a clogged system and bag full indicator light this vacuum lets you know if you’re not operating at full performance. If the unit does happen to clog Rubbermaid have added a secret trap door on the lower assembly with easy access to parts of the vacuum cleaner where most clogs would occur. With a simple flip of a switch the inner vacuum hose can be easily worked on with no screwdriver necessary.

The large rubber non skid wheels are great for maneuvering the vacuum into tight places and holds fast on hard floors. The MH15 vacuum cleaner comes with manual height adjustment leaving less to go wrong with the unit. The large well marked height adjustment dial is easy to read and easy to operate.

The 1.6 horsepower motor is a powerhouse even in industrial cleaning environments. With 98″ of water lift and 105 cubic feet per minute of suction the 9VMH15 Rubbermaid vacuum cleaner is a forerunner in commercial vacuums. With the CRI Green Label certification this vacuum cleaner would be an asset to any green cleaning division or LEED certified facility.

Overall the Rubbermaid 9VMH15 is a superb vacuum cleaner and has to be one of the best I have seen. With all the pros to the vacuum it definitely outweighs the only two drawbacks I could see. My fist observation is that the foot lever on the back is a little too small and the vacuum is a little on the heavy side, but to be fair to Rubbermaid I will say that its hard to fit this much into a vacuum and not add a little weight. Overall this is my upright vacuum cleaner pick for 2008. It is easy to see that Rubbermaid have studied the competition and taken every great idea from every other vacuum and have designed a forerunner in the cleaning industry.

Source by L. D. Harris

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