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Interesting Pet Parrot Facts


by Saad Malik


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Parrots are fascinating animals, and if you have one, it’s important to get all the parrot facts. There are several things that make a parrot a parrot, and not just another bird.

You may notice that your parrot does not blink very often. A parrot only has one eyelid, which actually goes all the way around the parrot’s eye. What is most interesting about the parrot’s eye is the ability to contract and expand the pupil at will, making necessary adjustments based on the amount of light.

Parrots are most known for their unique ability to “talk.” In reality, they are simply mimicking the sounds that they hear around them, which will often be human speech. Pet parrots are also known for making sounds like a ringing telephone, dogs or other pets, and even the vacuum cleaner. They are able to do this because they have a distinctly fleshy tongue, which is thick enough that they can mimic human speech.

In most types of birds, you will find one of two different types of beaks: one for tearing apart food, and one for cracking seeds and nuts. Parrots, however, have a type of beak that does both. They have thick, rounded beaks which are good for cracking seeds and nuts, and a hook on the end which is good for tearing apart their food.

Parrots are also distinct from other species of birds because of their feet. They have four toes on each foot, two forward-facing ones, and two backwards-facing ones. These toes are very strong and because they are facing opposite directions, they allow the parrot to have an extremely strong grip on whatever the parrot is holding onto. Most often, this is a branch or a wire, and such a tight grip allows the parrot to hang upside down, and climb very easily.

In addition to having very strong feet, parrots also use their feet for something that very few other species of birds do. They use their feet like hands, to hold onto food while eating, or for climbing. This is very useful for parrots as it allows them to keep food that other birds may miss out on because they’re not able to hold onto it.

If you have not already brought a parrot into your home, be sure to do your research and learn all the parrot facts first, so you are prepared for the uniqueness and wonder a parrot will bring into your home.

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