Is it Worth the Price? The Truth About Miele Vacuums


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Do you own a house that never feels clean because your vacuum cleaner does not seem to be able to pick up the pet hair on the floor? Is it a hassle and tedious to pick up messes left behind by your children on the hardwood floor in the kitchen and then the mess on the living room carpet? In many cases, the vacuum causes the user so much anguish.

Many people are unaware that a vacuum can clean their house regardless of the situation.

With the Miele S5980 Capricorn Vacuum, you can easily pick up crumbs, pet hair, dust mites, and dirt more quickly and efficiently than any other vacuum cleaner.

How could this machine benefit me if I have bare floors? This machine was built to go from room to room with as little hassle as possible.

Simply turn off the SEB-236 head, and you can go straight from carpets to bare floors, the rubber wheels on the bottom ensure your flooring will not get scratched or harmed.

Also included with the vacuum cleaner is a parquet brush that swivels easily around cabinets, tables, chairs and other furniture items.

The bottom is made of soft bristles with extra large holes to ensure everything is being picked up while leaving no chance of you damaging your floor.

Built with every detail in mind, the Miele Capricorn contains a pre-motor to prevent dust and particle from getting in the motor. With a Miele vacuum cleaner, allergenic and asthmatic contaminates are never expelled from the air because Miele is the only manufacturer on the market that is truly HEPA certified.

Despite having a HEPA filter, many vacuum manufacturers cannot achieve Miele’s HEPA filtration because the air leaks out of the vacuum before it reaches the HEPA filter.

Miele has rubber sealing in the machine, which ensures any dirt leaving the machine is forced through the HEPA filter, which filters at 99.95% at 0.3 microns. The result is a truly clean house.

Style and function. Miele prides their selves on products that are both stylish and functional. Miele shows its creative and stylish side with the Miele Capricorn’s sleek, soft-touch luna silver finish and amazing silver accents.

Constructed of strong ABS plastic, Miele machines are built to last. If you accidentally drop the machine on the lid, which covers including a dusting brush, upholstery brush, and crevice tool (which are located at the top of the machine, so they are easy to grab and use while vacuuming), and the lid falls off you could pop the lid back into place as it is built with mistakes and accidents in mind. This is just one of the reasons Miele vacuum cleaners last for about 20 to 25 years.

The Miele machine creates minimal noise output and is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market. Miele is one of the quietest machines on the market thanks to its noise insulation technology that muffles the sound so well that many are surprised the machine is on its lowest setting.

So vacuuming while the baby is sleeping is no longer a dilemma, as the vacuum is extremely quiet. The Miele Capricorn also has a rubber bumper that surrounds it, preventing damage to any item in your room.

Another feature found on the Capricorn is the bag fill indicator which alerts you exactly when your bag is full, so you are never left guessing when your vacuum bag needs to be changed.

A light that alerts you when your vacuum cleaner requires a new HEPA filter to function optimally is located on the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Located near that light is an additional light that alerts the user that the vacuum has encountered blockage and has overheated.

The house is built in a manner which makes it crush-proof, ensuring that the hose will not fall victim to problems such as warping or caving in from stepping on it.

The connection between the hose and the vacuum cleaner is admirable. Miele tests the connection between the hose and vacuum cleaner by hanging the vacuum by its hose with over 10 pounds of extra weight attached to it.

Also built into the machine is an ergonomic handle built for the users’ comfort, as it has a slight swivel and soft rubber grip to prevent slippage and add to ease of use.

The handle also contains a variety of controls so you can adjust the machine’s suction for anything from upholstery to wall-to-wall carpeting without bending over or going back to the machine.

Every part of this vacuum cleaner has been designed with intricate detail, and even the hose has a built-in button which always the machine to go from a bare floor, such as wood or tile, to carpeting easily.

The hose has a ‘direct connect’ feature which means on this machine, no wires or cords are dangling from the vacuum wand. All of the cords about the wand are neatly stored within the wand itself.

This function allows for a quick-click connection between the wands and the hose. Another impressive detail of the wand is that it is made of graphite, the same material used to construct aeroplanes, making it incredibly resilient to wear and damage. The wand is also telescopic, so you can easily adjust it to be comfortable with your unique height.

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