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Mattress Cleaning Tips


by Saad Malik


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Mattresses needs care too. Most of the time we spend our time in bed, sleeping, relaxing. But it may cause your dead skin cells shed on it and later your mattress becomes the habitat of dust mites and bugs. Bed wetting of kids along with pet urine is the second issue that affects the mattress most. Pet hair can cause serious allergic diseases like asthma, dermatitis etc.

Most mattresses get very little care as we use clean sheets on them and forget about cleaning the mattresses. Cleaning a mattress is an easy job that can be done in about thirty minutes. First you need to strip the bedding out of the protective mattress cover and wash it if it is made off cloth or you can dry clean it by giving it to some dry cleaning company. If the protective mattress cover is made of cloth you can wash it with some detergent or just can bleach it so that all the allergens get discarded. If you have a nice bright sunlight, then you can just put the whole mattress in sunlight and can let it air out.

If you can’t wash the mattress, then you can go to the second step. Vacuuming is also good for cleaning your mattresses but the only disadvantage is that it can’t remove the bed wetting stain or pet urine stain. But with the help of a powerful vacuum, you can easily remove all the dead skin cells, the mites or bugs that feed on them and the dust with no muscle power at all. It is so simple to live healthy if you clean all your assets, ie. carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstered furniture.

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