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Men Love Women Who Can Cook Because It Makes Women Attractive


by Saad Malik


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Do men love women who can cook more than those women who can’t? Let’s face it, most men love eating but more than their love for eating they want their women to know how to cook not only for this reason. Men find women who can cook to be more attractive and make them proud to tell their friends and family how good their wife or girlfriend can cook.

It is no longer surprising that most men around the world love women who can cook. What makes men attracted to these type of women is because women who can cook can create a lot things in the kitchen that their stomach have been craving for and still look good doing all these things.

Does this mean that if men love women who can cook they will no longer fall in love with a woman who doesn’t know how? The truth is knowing how to cook is only an advantage if men were always given a choice between two identical women wherein one knows how to cook and the other can’t, they will always go for the one that knows how. Now, in a situation wherein no two identical women exist and a man really loves a woman knowing how to cook does not matter anymore. Women can still do a lot of things around the house that men can appreciate aside from cooking. They can clean and design the house and make it beautiful for all those visitors and friends coming.

Now, for women who doesn’t know how to cook doesn’t mean they can no longer learn how to. There are many culinary schools out there wherein they can enroll or they can try working on recipes that are easily accessible on the net. One of the greatest things both men and women can do is men teaching their women how to cook. They can start from simple grilling with their favorite grilled foods on their newest stainless steel gas grills to the most complex recipes. This makes learning cooking more exciting and fun and will encourage the woman to learn how.

I’ve seen a lot of men asking their friends what is wrong with them when they are married with women who doesn’t know how to cook. This is question goes especially to friends whom they know love eating. Most men who goes for women who doesn’t know how to cook will always reply it’s all about love. In fact, one of my cousins is married to a woman who doesn’t cook and he does all the cooking. Well, his wife does all the cleaning and washing and they have been a happy couple for the last fifteen years.

Another reason men love women who can cook is because they are reminded of their mom who does all the cooking for them when they were small. Another is the saying that the “best way to man’s heart is through his stomach”. Although these are true there is one more simpler reason why men loves women who can cook. For them it means their family will be taken care of. I’ve heard one of my friends say, I can do the house cleaning and washing. It is an easy job to do compared to cooking meals in the kitchen. Washing clothes is as simple as placing all the clothes on the washer and turn those buttons. Switch on the vacuum, run it on the carpet, curtains and floors to get all those dust and that’s it.

You see men are much simpler in nature than women with their minds more focused in providing and protecting for their family. The truth is men believe they were created for this reason alone. It all traces back to history. Cavemen during the early ages go out to hunt for food to provide for their family. Women on the other hand stay at home, take care of the children, do all the cleaning and cooking and when their husband come home they have something to eat.

The simplest reason why men love women who can cook is because they are attracted with the idea that someone will be there to cook what they always crave for and more. But, more than anything else they need to be satiated.

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