Best-selling: Miele S4212 Polaris Review


by Pet Hoover


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After purchasing a Miele S4212 Polaris, people tend to count their lucky stars. Reviews everywhere reveal happy owners and what they love about the Miele S4212.

Some of the most talked about features include its manoeuvring ease, size, suction, durability and health benefits (yes, vacuuming can benefit one’s health).

The Miele Polaris weighs a little over ten pounds, making it easy to take around the house. A bonus is the vacuum is unbelievably quiet, which is especially nice if you have moody teenagers who sleep until three in the afternoon.

The Polaris won’t take up too much storage space because of its compact size, and its cord conveniently retracts automatically.

The vacuum’s wheels are not coated in rubber to damage hardwood and other floors. The wheels move in all directions for easy manoeuvring around furniture.

You’ll be able to reach under beds, around couches, and up the stairs with the Miele S4212. And there’s no point in being able to move the vacuum all around the house if it doesn’t adjust to different floors, which is why it does.

The power can adjust between 200 and 1200 watts with an easy rotary dial, and there’s also an included combination rug and floor tool.

You’ve probably been wondering how exactly the Miele S4212 is good for your health. The vacuum is certified by the independent DMT Air Quality Testing Institute and given an “excellent air quality” rating.

The Sealed System™ has 75 years of research and tests behind it. The Sealed System is why the Miele Polaris can pick up and retain dust and other air pollutants.

The Super Air Clean filter is electrostatically charged, retaining 99.95% of particles. Super Air Clean filters are included in all Miele dust bags.

These good features aren’t something discussed only on the Miele website. Read the reviews, and you’ll see it’s pretty unanimous that the Miele S4212 Polaris is efficient and user-friendly.

On one side, the vacuum received 27 reviews and ratings-none were below a three and 24 were perfect fives. Finally, the cherry on top of the Miele S4212 Polaris sundae is a seven-year warranty backs the motor. Purchasing this item will allow you to sleep well at night, even if someone is vacuuming the next room.


Miele S4212 Polaris Advantages: lightweight, easy to move, quiet

Miele S4212 Polaris Disadvantages: hmm…it only comes in one colour?

To the Point: An exceptional and user-friendly vacuum.

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