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No More Pollen, Dust and Debris With the Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum


by Saad Malik


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Say goodbye to dust and debris with the latest Hoover wind tunnel vacuum. These days most allergies are related to hair from the family pet as or dust and pollen from nearby flowers, without the right tools both of these can build up to an unbearable level in your house. This is where Hover wind tunnel vacuum cleaners seem to have proven their selves as effective household appliances for keeping your interior free of tiny irritants. My wife used to suffer from constant sneezing, rashes and swelling on her face because the vacuum cleaner that we had just wasn’t getting rid of both the loose hair from our Labrador and all the other unseen dust particles that were floating around our home.

At first we thought that she was allergic to the material on our new couch or chemicals in some of the cleaning products that we owned, but after changing the covers and purchasing allergen free natural cleaning items nothing changed. After asking a doctor what the problem could be he told us that we needed to replace our vacuum cleaner and recommended a few top rated vacuum cleaners, in particular the Hoover wind tunnel brands.

In the end we settled on the Hoover S3765 model which used the Hoover wind tunnel technology to suck up and separate even the tinniest dust and pollen particles. At the heart of this vacuum cleaner lies the HEPA filtration system, which is actually used in a similar form in hospital air ventilation systems to capture and contain airborne viruses and bacteria. What makes this filter so powerful is the thick layer of compact material that can effectively capture even the tiniest particles of dust, as the Hoover wind tunnel spins in place it forms a powerful vacuum that pushes all of the debris through the filter walls and down into a storage.

The 12 amp Hoover S3765 comes with 15 power nozzles that help you clean in tight spots and reach even the most hard to get areas of your house where dirt tends to settle as well as vertical cleaning of your curtains and drapes. There is also a special flat bottomed carpet attachment with rotating brushes designed for deep cleaning your homes carpets; this is perfect for our home as we also own a Labrador who tends to shed hair that endlessly creates mats on the carpeted areas.

The whole Hoover wind tunnel vacuum actually looks like a hi-tech robot out of a sci-fi film, looking at the see through areas while it is on will show you just how much dust is being sucked up each time you use it. The vacuums power can be controlled via the specially shaped hand grip; there are variable touch-sensitive controls that allow you to adjust the suction level with ease and switch the Hoover wind tunnel off and on as needed.

Overall the Hoover S3765 is the ideal house cleaner suitable for both wood and carpeted floors, the powerful HEPA filter is ideal for anyone with allergies or asthmatic conditions. Best of all there is no need to constantly replace the vacuum bag each week and the filter will usually last you a life time and comes with a 1 year warranty just in case it breaks down for whatever reason.

Source by Pam A. Taylor

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