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Patching is the Key to Carpet Pet Damage Repair


by Saad Malik


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Carpet pet damage repair is usually done by patching the affected area. Sometimes the pet only leaves some stains which might be removed with by chemical cleaning. However, if this is not possible, patching is the only available solution. This is not as easy as you imagine at first glance. It is basically about cutting the carpet and then matching a patch onto the cut, but it also requires knowledge and skill. The final outcome also depends on how worn your carpet is.

If you consider patching too difficult for you to manage, there are companies that will do the work for you:,, or You can choose the one that is closer to you. You can also leave carpet pet damage repair to professionals if your carpet is worn, because the patch will be very visible if this is the case and there is nothing you can do about it.

Although patching can be the solution to avoid carpet replacement, you need to take the time and care to fix the carpet. Pet damage repair on your carpet is not impossible to fix by yourself. It needs patience and attention, but it can be done. Start by cutting the backing of your carpet. Take a pointed object in order to make your way through the fibers and then cut on the channel that you have created. It is important that the surrounding fibers remain intact; otherwise the patch will be too visible. Once you have done the cutting, check the direction of your carpet. This is very important, so mark it with an arrow. Unless your patch will match your carpet’s direction, it won’t look natural and it will be extremely visible.

Cut a piece that matches the damaged area from the closet or other area of the carpet that is not visible. It won’t be hard to match the direction because your carpet has the same direction in your entire home. The arrow you placed on the damaged piece is helpful now.

You are now one step closer to a successful carpet pet damage repair. Take some seaming tape and put it on the edges of the hole that you created when removing the damaged piece. You also need a glue gun to glue the tape onto the edges. It is now time to put the patch inside. Pay attention on how you match the edges and use a carpet roller if necessary.

The carpet pet damage repair is almost done. If the patch is visible, try refitting it until it looks better. Use the carpet roller to make the glue enter the holes in the carpet backing. Caution should be used when pressing on the carpet with hot glue from the glue gun because the hot glue may seep through the seamed edges and you now have a whole other problem to contend with, so take take care and do not rush your work of art.

If you are not happy with the results, the professionals I mentioned above will do an excellent job with the carpet damaged by your pet.

Source by John Bodach

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