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Portable Steam Cleaners – Facts About Steam Cleaning Machines That You Should Know


by Saad Malik


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Portable steam cleaners are the latest innovative cleaning equipment that many home keepers are catching on to. They not only save time but also save effort due to the efficient approach to the concept.

Steam cleaning machines use the high heat of steam to melt and lift the stain or grease. Many home keepers still have misconceptions about some facts and myths, and here are the answers to address them.

The way steam cleaning machines function is to use high-heat steam to lift the dirt and grime, and in some cases, depending on the power of the machine, you might need to use a brush or towel to run over the dirt to ease them off the surface.

It is important to note that the vapor is hottest within a three-inch distance from the surface. Any distance farther than this would lose effect; hence, it is most suitable for spot cleaning.

Portable steam cleaners do not have vacuuming functions; hence, most do not have extraction capabilities to clean up the residue lifted in the process.

Hence, you must stand by a microfiber cloth or towel to remove the lifted, residual deposits. This is a slight inconvenience that most home keepers do not mind but does not go well with some industrial users.

The fact that its industrial use is limited to disinfecting surfaces and lacks efficient extraction and cleansing features makes it less functional. The innovation of steam vacuum cleaners helps to resolve this issue.

They are not suitable for all surfaces and should not be used on unsealed hardwood, wall paper, cardboard, or pressed paper. And soft fabrics like silk can be easily damaged by the high heat steam.

Portable steam cleaners are steam cleaning machines and do not have the powerful water pressure features that pressure washers possess. Ensure you can clearly differentiate their features and do not use the wrong tool for cleaning tasks.

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