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Portable Steam Cleaners – Steam Cleaning Machines Take Home Cleaning to the Next Level


by Saad Malik


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Portable steam cleaners or otherwise known as steam cleaning machines have become the raves in the home cleaning arena. Steam mops, hard floor and upholstery steam cleaners, has seen stellar rise in sales, with the latest advent, vapor steamers, into the scene. Globally, home cleaning is beginning to take on a new form, an evolution which could literally affect the entire cleaning and detergent industry. This is by any stretch of imagination, an understatement to say the least.

Portable steam cleaners embrace the epitome of green living. The technology makes use of high heat steam that ranges from 250 to 300 degrees to kill all bacteria on and surrounding the spot. They take the process further by incorporating the vacuum function which almost simultaneously sucks away the lifted dirt and dust.

Compared to traditional cleaning the latter requires extensively long hours of scrubbing manually with endless amounts of toxic chemical detergents. These chemical based detergents could become fatal to sickly pets or seriously harmful to young children with allergies or asthma. Steam cleaning machines are literally godsend as solution to safe and green home cleaning.

These cleaners are touted to be versatile and multipurpose in managing various tasks. And indeed they are, from flooring, upholstery, coverings, carpets, poolside, tiles and grouts to cars, there are endless types of surfaces you can think of to get rid of the dirt and grime within seconds. In fact, you could use them virtually everywhere in the home as they are one of the safest and effective way to remove stains.

Some are designed to be very portable, in fact, so portable that they are categorized as handheld steamers. Some of them are shaped like a jug, and are extremely versatile and useful in removing small residue or grime patches. However, the smaller the jug the lesser would be the amount of water and steam, thereby increasing the down time in between cleaning.

There are portable steam cleaners that come together with various types of attachments like rotating brushes, revolving rollers, sanitizing functions and more, to manage all types of tasks homemakers need to do. So the next time you go shopping at the mall, check out the steam cleaning machines and find out more.

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