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Product Comparison – LadyBug and McCulloch Carpet Steam Cleaner Machines


by Saad Malik


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Carpet steam cleaners are becoming just as much of a household necessity as a vacuum or a mop these days. These machines are particularly handy if you have children or pets, as the messes of these two can be challenging to clean properly. You get a deep, thorough clean with these machines, and removing allergens and dander from the carpet creates a healthier environment for your whole family.

LadyBug carpet steam cleaners tout a 300-degree operating temperature, so they can be used with or without additional cleaning chemicals. These cleaners work equally well on both carpets and bare flooring of all types. Quick and efficient, these machines remove dust, dirt, mold, and mildew in a fraction of the time the old conventional methods took.

The LadyBug steam cleaners incorporate a special disinfection system into their machines called TANCS. This system incorporates a crystallizing process that destroys germs and is approved by the E.P.A. They are constructed with stainless steel tanks for long life and years of trouble-free service.

McCulloch, another name synonymous with quality steam cleaners, has a full line of portable and larger models for almost any job. Each style has a full line of attachments and takes only ten minutes to heat up fully. These can be used for floor care and cleaning grills and other outdoor messes.

The McCulloch MC 1246 is lightweight, less than six pounds, perfect for small clean-ups, and very useful on stairs. The MC 1275 is the bigger version with an operating temperature of 250 degrees, and it sanitizes as it cleans. Regular use of either of these machines helps keep your home clean and will save money in the long run by not having to call in a professional cleaning company.

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