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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner – The Perfect Solution To Brush Them Away?


by Saad Malik


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Infestations of bed bugs have always been a problem. Bed bugs are enemies of a sound night’s sleep and also leave a mark after they attack. Many solutions have been tested and tried; still, the bugs remain adamant and have been continuing in their ways. As it is seen from the name, these bugs inhabit the inner parts of beds where temperature is warm enough to keep them alive and comfortable.

Bed bugs lay their eggs in the holes and tears in the beds. Beds that are in a very poor condition and are heavily infested are to be disposed as nothing of value can be salvaged from them.

The bed bugs cannot be eradicated easily. It isn’t advisable to just treat an infestation. Cleaning the surroundings using vacuum is the best way to remove the eggs. Adult bed bugs can live without food for a year and hence can also thrive in abandoned houses and property.

A pest issue

Bed bugs pose as a threat when they start their hunt for food, especially blood. They stay inside their homes if bed bugs are filled and not starving.

The bites of bedbugs look like big wheels in the skin. They turn into red colored marks and can stay for about two to three days, based on how well it is treated. They appear orderly in circular patterns, unlike the mosquito bites which do not have any pattern. Also, to avoid infection, the area should not be scratched even if irritation or itchiness persists.

Bed bugs target the parts of the body in which the blood flow is good. Hence, it will not be surprising if they bite sensitive areas.

Fighting bed bugs with rainbow vacuum cleaner

Cleaning a room constantly with brooms, cloths and dustpans is a way to keep bedbugs at bay. However, they won’t suffice. The best way to banish bed bugs is to use a vacuum cleaner. Rexair LLC, which is one of the leaders in the whole world in vacuum technology, provides Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, which is indeed very effective.

The Rainbow was based on bag less vacuum cleaners. Its fore runner was called separator, which was used, mainly for separating dust from air. This concept was developed by John W Newcombe. He and Leslie H Green worked as partners and invented the Newcombe Bag less.

The first Rainbow Vacuum that was official was released in 1955 and was an upgraded version of rainbow vacuum. It had a more powerful engine and a sleeker design. Its popularity increased after Rexair was acquired by Sanders and associates. From then onwards, rainbow vacuum had more popularity and had a lot of dealerships across America and resulted in a large increase in the company’s income.

Now, Rexair is a brand that is globally renowned, with the facilities for production in Canada, Cuba and Mexico. The most recent product introduced by Rexair is e2 in the e series, which is supposed to have unmatched cleaning abilities.

After the Rainbow vacuum is used for sucking the bed bugs into the vacuum bags, the bag must be placed inside a larger bag of plastic and sealed to be airtight. An outdoor container must be used for discarding it so as to prevent bugs from returning to the dwellings. Replacing a mattress is easy, but it too will be infected if bed bugs still exist in the area.

Vacuuming will not solely solve infestations of bed bugs. However, it can reduce its population and therefore contribute to the treatment of the pests.

On curtains, behind the pictures, box springs, inside the interiors of furniture, in the seams of mattresses and anywhere the insects can dwell, a crevice attachment ought to be placed and must be vacuumed. Other parts like baseboards and carpets also should be vacuumed and the filter must be removed and discarded. It must not be used for anything else.

Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a thing that has been imitated always. However, its rivals never managed to duplicate it. Behind it is a product that has been in the production for nearly 70 years, being augmented and tested for ingenuity. It is also advisable that the Rainbow ought to be purchased only from an authorized distributor. The rainbow is there, so bed bugs beware.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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