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Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners – The Best Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy in 2023?


by Saad Malik


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Many complain about the poor performance and durability of most brands of vacuum cleaners. However, some manufacturers produce machines specifically designed to offer powerful suction, durability, and serviceability; Sanitaire vacuum cleaners are one such company. But is it the best, or are there other brands that are better? The answer is not so simple.

There’s no denying the pedigree of the company. From the beginning, the company produced commercial appliances – machines designed for and sold to cleaning businesses. In fact, for many years, Sanitaire vacuum cleaners were not for retail sale.

Thankfully, these fine appliances can now be bought by everyone, and the choice on offer is wide; you can buy powerful uprights like the DuraLux right through to small, lightweight canisters.

But are they the best vacuum cleaner on the market? Well, yes and no is the answer. I think other brands more than match the smaller, cheaper machines. Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, and others make great, value-for-money lightweight machines that, depending on the model you choose, are better than a comparable Sanitaire vacuum.

However, it’s a different story when looking at powerful uprights. Take, for example, the Sanitaire DuraLux upright vacuum, the SC9180 in particular. This is one serious cleaning machine.

It comes with a powerful 11.5amp motor, HEPA filter (and washable), a brush with four manual height adjustments, a very large 4-quart dust bag, and onboard tools that include a reinforced stretch hose.

Many might point out that other quality brands offer uprights with comparable features – Riccar vacuum cleaners are also made to be durable and powerful and compare and perform just as well as Sanitaire.

But what sets the DuraLux Sanitaire vacuum cleaner apart is its serviceability. For instance, the filter has been cleverly designed so it can be just swapped out and in easily. Likewise, the power cord can be easily replaced if damaged. The V belt pulley has also been designed so there’s no downtime.

Nothing’s perfect, though, and many of the Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaners do certain lack features that would make them better appliances.

For instance, the DuraLux is not self-propelled and weighs around 20 lbs, making using them difficult in certain situations.

Riccar vacuum cleaners (and others) also use more metal to construct certain parts of their machines. The Riccar 8900, 8955, and 8905 vacuums all come with metal bottom plates, brushrolls, and handle tubes.

They also come with a longer warranty; the Sanitaire DuraLux comes with two years, whereas Riccar comes with a five-year household and a one-year commercial warranty.

With their expensive price tag, it’s worth comparing Sanitaire vacuums against other brands first. Still, without a doubt, they are among the best on the market today – especially the large upright models.

Source by Robin Cassidy

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