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Sanyo Canister Vacuum Cleaners – A Review of the PowerBoy SC-Y130


by Saad Malik


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The Sanyo PowerBoy is the ideal choice for those who want a lightweight and easy to maneuver canister vacuum cleaner. Weighing only 7lbs it can tackle most surfaces and cleaning conditions and really does seem to have it all. And, by and large, this is true; however there are one or two things that might make you think twice before buying it.

Sanyo canister vacuums come in all shapes and sizes but the PowerBoy canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular models. This isn’t really surprising when you consider what you get. First, it’s lightweight design and large wheels means that it’s effortless to move about even in the tightest of places and, thanks to it low-profile design, it doesn’t tip over very easily.

You get 2 onboard tools; a crevice tool and a round brush. Both are readily to hand and can be used and stored easily. Another real plus point about this appliance is that you get both a reusable cloth bag and paper bags. Having both types of bags is a very nice feature; other manufacturers also ship canisters with both types of bags, Sanitaire is one such company.

The nozzle also features one or two nice features but it’s also lacking one thing that might deter some folks. But, first let’s look at what you get. There’s an air-driven rotating brush that can be turned on and off at the touch of a switch, which means you can easily and quickly change the figuration of the brush for all floor types. The nozzle also comes with an edge-cleaner brush. This feature works extremely well, getting the dirt out of a carpet right up the wall.

However, the nozzle brush does have one minus point; it’s only 10″ wide. While this may not be a problem for some, if you’ve got a lot of floor to vacuum you might find it a little narrow. Its width – or lack of it – is a real shame as everything else about the nozzle works great.

As if to highlight the PowerBoy’s inadequacy is cleaning large floor spaces, the cord is only 18 feet in length. This is a compromise you have to make when buying a small, lightweight canister vacuum that has an automatic retractable power cord.

This vacuum doesn’t come with HEPA filter however, the air vents – placed at the back and wheels – do a very good job. There’s no noticeable dirt or dust escaping from the vents.

Despite the two above small criticisms, the Sanyo PowerBoy canister vacuum is an excellent appliance. If you’ve read enough vacuum cleaner reviews you’ll know by now that it gets a very high rating and, I for one, would agree.

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