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by Saad Malik


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Tired of carrying around heavy loads of dog food from the store? Wished that with just a flick of your fingers, your order will instantly pop in front of you? Yes, many people do have this kind of problem. It’s one important chore that pet owners have to take care of when their dog’s food has run out. But thanks to the convenience of online shopping, everyone can shop at the comfort of their own homes and making their orders come to them. Dog food shopping has never been this easy and fun; and it’s hassle-free. With just a click of a button, your order will be delivered to your doorstep anytime you want.

Different online pet care stores sell and promote different brands with their prices slightly lower compared to the retail price. Not only do you get good quality products but also pay for them at a lower cost. How pocket-friendly is that? When buying online, it is important to know the shipping costs. Shipping costs usually depends on the shipping company and how far the cargo is to be sent. How to have free shipping on dog food? Many pet owners usually order in multi-pack purchases to avail of discounts or free shipping. Also, many online stores for pet food have different promos in order to avail of lower freight rates. At, they give out free shipping on pet food (premium and organic) on orders over $50, while gives out free shipping coupon or codes on selected brands to avail of free shipping on a certain amount being bought. How great is that? When joining to other pet care shops online, members can receive exclusive offers and access to sale items or even free shipping. The Internet has, indeed, a wide range of activities to be done. Searching patiently for online stores with free shipping offers definitely has its rewards.

When considering services that deliver dog food, quality should not be forgotten. Dogs are considered a part of our family. They are a man’s best friend. We teach them tricks, and they teach us about companionship. It is important that we take good care of them. We do so by giving them a bath, grooming and feeding them. It is essential that dogs be given extra attention especially when it comes to the food they eat. Their digestive systems are very sensitive even to slight food additions or changes. Many brands out there say that their products are 100% organic. Well, not all organic foods are telling us the entire truth. When choosing a quality dog food brand, take into consideration its history and how long it has been on the market. Another would be looking into its ingredients and check if it contains harmful chemicals that can do damage to your dog’s health. The food taste should be noted as well. Dogs eat food that their taste buds can deal with. Lastly, reviews and testimonials help consumers in making the right decision when choosing the right product. It reveals a lot about the merchandise, its advantages and disadvantages.

Solid Gold dog food has been on the market for over 30 years now. It has been a trusted brand of pet owners worldwide. It is one of the first pet food manufacturers in the United States using organic ingredients in their products. Solid Gold dog food can also be categorized as such: dry or canned foods. They also have a line that sells supplements, skin, hair and coat care for your pets. It contains no artificial preservatives, saturated fats and filler ingredients that can cause harm to your dog’s health. Solid Gold contains the freshest ingredients and is sealed well to lock in the flavor for a more tasteful meal. It also has a line of yummy biscuits and treats, a perfect reward to give your pet on every successful trick he performs. Solid Gold dog food provides optimal nutrition to your pets with its premium and all-natural ingredients. Every product has specific formulas for the different nutritional needs of your dogs. Ingredients include USDA preferred meats such as lamb, bison, chicken, and beef. Grains like rice, barley, oats and millets are used in lieu of wheat, soy or corn, also known as “filler” ingredients. Solid Gold dog food is healthy and beneficial to your precious pooch. Its budget-friendly price are also a plus for consumers looking to save money on dog food. So, consider this a great buy.

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