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Solving 3 Aquarium Problems Using Aqua Ionizer


by Saad Malik


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If keeping an aquarium was as easy as filling a container with water and throwing in some fish, everyone would be successful. The truth is, eight out of ten new hobbyists give up within a year. The three main problematic areas with almost every beginning to even intermediate aquarists is maintaining balanced water, fish diseases, and nuisance green algae. In essence, all three are closely related, and figuring out the proper fix will eventually help control all three problem areas.

So how does one narrow down and determine what the proper fix is? Well after 16 years of working in an aquarium store, I have become very familiar with the main problem and can now diagnosed the proper fix that will pretty much work for every hobbyist. This is of course assuming that your aquarium has the basics… a biological filter and an aeration pump in the tank. By simply adding some ionization to your aquarium will not only purify water to a revitalized quality but ensure that all organic contaminates are eliminated.

In the store we have found that using the Aqua Ionizer, which is designed to provide ionization to aquariums, immediately oxidizes impurities and toxic gases. This is accomplished when the filter applies ionizing pulses to the flow of water, reducing the bond between water molecules, and allowing the Oxygen atoms to free-up and exhibit greater bioavailability. This process of freeing-up Oxygen availability within the aquarium stimulates both constant oxidation of harmful organic compounds and complete breakdown of ammonia. What this means for the aquarium hobbyist is that all wastes and contaminates will simply remain at very undetectable levels and the aquarium water will maintain a proper biological balance. Problem one solved!

This is good news, but it gets even better. The most difficult and crucial task for an aquarium hobbyist is to maintain proper balanced water, but once achieved, everything else falls into place. Aquariums with balanced water rarely have problems with diseases and nuisance green algae. So problems two and three get solved as well…that’s great news!

By learning as much as you can about keeping aquarium water balanced, you will not only keep fish alive longer, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of how the ecology of an aquarium actually works. This will pay off in dividends of greater success and fewer lost fish. You’ll also get far more pleasure from your aquarium.

Source by Trey Hanson

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