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Steps To Clean Electrostatic Furnace Filter


by Saad Malik


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A Lifetime electrostatic air filter traps 97% of all allergies and other airborne dust particulates. As the air passes through the lifetime electrostatic charge between the honeycomb pattern of polypropylene and the layer of bonded polyester fibers in our replacement furnace filters. The electrostatic charge attracts minuet household flying sand surrounding and dust particles to our lifetime to our electrostatic furnace filter magnet. The dust particles consist of various irritants and allergens such as fabric lint, plant, mole spores, human & pet dander, tobacco smoke etc. Electrostatic furnace filter can be healthy friendly and suitable to all family members. But we have to be cautious and keep some things in our mind. These are easy steps to maintain electrostatic furnace filter cleaned. There are a few precious and useful steps to keep your electrostatic filter clean and smooth working. Follow following steps and maintain your electrostatic filter dust free.

1. Unearth the H VAC vent where the electrostatic furnace filter is assembled and installed. Remove the filter from its seating.

2. Utilize the wand attachment of vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust and sand dirt both ends of the filter. If you clean your filter once every month or within two month. This may be all of the maintenance that is essential and required but if you unpolluted it less frequently or if you desire a deeper and shine clean proceed to the following steps. In the following steps it is mentioned related the deeper cleanliness of your filter. It is best if you pursue mentioned next steps.

3. Take the vacuumed off outside to hose it off. First spew down the filter in the opposite direction of the air flow, spray this side of the filter extensive and widely before switching to hose (tube) off the other side. Leave the hosed off filter out in the sun for a few minutes to air day. If it is clean enough for your contentment, skip to the final step. If you think it is going according to your expectations then follow next step.

4. Merge liquid dish washing soapy solution and water in a plastic spray bottle. Spray down soapy solution both sides of the filter with a liberal coating of the solution, then allow it to with water from the hose and allow it to dry in the sun for a few minutes. Slide the clean day filter back into its slot in your H VAC system and safe any latches or panels to hold it in place.

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