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Suggested Maintenance Tips For Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands


by Saad Malik


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If you think maintenance is dispensable in your vacuum cleaner, think again. As with all other cleaning machines, your vacuum has to be kept in top shape to minimize the appearance of numerous vacuum problems.

Tips For Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Some of the problems experienced by these cleaning machines are poor suction systems, smelly vacuum attachments, noisy motor systems, and failure to boot up. If you want to avoid these problems, you should try the following maintenance tips:

  1. Prevent the motor from burning out. Try inspecting the service ports of the machine. If there are any debris and dirt inside, get rid of them. Also, get rid of obstructions in the hose of the machine.
  2. Most vacuum machines have been incorporated with an indicator that will tell you when it is time to change the HEPA filter. But more often than not, the pop-up pins are pretty unreliable. If you don’t change or clean the filter too often, the machine might inadvertently work the onboard thermal overload switch more. As a result, this might burn the motor and pose fire threats.
  3. You should clean the dirt receptacle or canister and remove the filter from its case. Plug the vacuum and turn it on. If the suction power suddenly increases, this is an indication that the filter needs to be replaced. Make sure you try this maintenance tip outside your house so you will not accidentally spill dirt inside your house.
  4. To clean the filter, remove it from its case. There are some brands of vacuums with a pre-motor and a post-motor filter. You might need to clean two filters. Wash it in soapy water. You can also try using a soft-bristled brush to get rid of debris. After cleaning, let it dry completely. Don’t place it in your vacuum if it is still wet.
  5. Clean the brushroll of your upright vacuum. If there is wound-on hair, get rid of them. Only clean the brushroll after you have turned off and unplugged your cleaning machine. Also, check if the brushroll is warped. You should have it replaced so it will not cause snags in your carpets.
  6. Check the impeller blades of the machine. This job should be done by a professional to avoid mishaps. One of the most common problems in vacuums is chipped blades. If the impeller blades have already worn out, you might have to replace them.

Also, use your vacuum wisely. Do not overwork or abuse it. Otherwise, it will shorten its life.


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