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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Upright and Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners


by Saad Malik


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There are two types of vacuum cleaners…one is an upright…and the other type is a cylinder type which is also called a canister. Both do their jobs efficiently… but both have their advantages and disadvantages. We will be discussing the positives and negatives of both types of cleaners.

Upright cleaners are usually heavier than their cylinder counterparts. Manoeuvrability of upright cleaners can be more difficult…especially in small gaps…and certainly on stairs…even using their special stair attachments.

So if weight is a consideration…you should choose a cylinder type cleaner. There are some lightweight upright cleaner but unfortunately they do not have attachments included.

However…upright cleaners usually have more suction power…and that is because the motor is closer to the vacuum head than a cylinder cleaner.

Cylinder type cleaners usually require less effort to use because the motors are normally smaller. You can clean a big area with the vacuum head…and without moving the motor. The majority of cylinder cleaners have built in attachments and comes in handy when changing cleaner heads.

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner can depend on a number of factors but a good indicator of the potential power is the watts. More watts mean more power…and a good guide for cylinder cleaner is about 1400 watts and about 1300 watts for an upright.

The next thing to consider is whether you prefer a bag or bagless cleaner. It was not that long ago that all vacuums use bags. It was only when one manufacturer invented the bagless cleaner…then every other manufacturer made their versions…which increase their popularity. Unlike a vacuum that uses bags…a bagless cleaner does not lose its suction power even when its needs emptying…thanks to centrifugal force…which creates the suction power.

Bagless cleaners usually cost more than vacuums that use bags. Another downside to bagless cleaners is when you empty the dust collector…the dust will fly everywhere…. whereas a vacuum that uses a bag will keep the dust altogether…which is more hygienic.

There are of course other types of vacuums which are designed to clean specific areas. For example…stick vacuums are lightweight and are use to clean places like the tops of curtains. Then there are handheld cleaners which are used for small cleaning jobs and are charged with a wall mounted charging unit.

Then there are steam cleaners which are used to steam the dirt from clothing…carpets…curtains amongst other things. Steam cleaners are quite easy to use and come in a variety of sizes.

And for small spills…there is wet and dry cleaners…and these cleaners are very adaptable. Wet and dry vacuums work in the same way as normal cleaners but they can clean your carpet with water and shampoo.

So before you choose your next vacuum cleaner… think about what you will be using the cleaner for. Do you have stairs? Is storage a problem? Your budget? Your new vacuum cleaner will be with you for years… so choose wisely. 

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