The Pros and Cons of Rainbow Vacuums 2023


by Pet Hoover


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Most vacuums use bags to store the vacuumed dirt and dust. However, this type of storage is quite questionable regarding its effectiveness.

There are instances when dirt escapes the bag and goes back onto the carpet. Thus, you may need to dust after vacuuming, which can be stressful and time-consuming.

Moreover, the allergens are hazardous to the health of household members with allergies and asthma.

Rexair LLC, the company behind Rainbow vacuums, conceptualized a much better way of sucking up and trapping dirt inside.

Thus, they have devised the use of water in their bagless vacuums. These vacuums made thorough and deep cleaning possible without posing any health hazard to household members.

However, product users have mixed opinions about this product. Let us explore the pros and cons of this brand of vacuum.


1. The water reservoir is easy to clean.

Naturally, the dust canister is washable. You can remove the water canister, pour out the murky water, and put it back in.

With Rainbow vacuums, you save yourself from exposure to puffs of dust each time you empty a vacuum bag. Simply pour out the dirty water on the sink or the toilet.

2. It is economical and practical to use.

The fact that you do not need to purchase and replace bags is proof enough of a Rainbow vacuum’s practicality. Just imagine how much money you can save compared to bagged vacuums that depend on regularly replacing bags.

3. The vacuum is durable and built to last a lifetime.

Most users have their vacuums for 12 to 15 years. These vacuums are heirlooms that count for decades. The sturdy materials used in the machines are sure worth your money.

4. Suction power is consistently powerful.

You will not have any problem regarding the suction of Rainbow vacuums. As long as you keep the water canister clean, there is no issue of losing suction caused by clogging.

5. It is environment-friendly.

There is less trash produced by using Rainbow vacuums. If all households use this machine, there will no longer be paper dust bags or cloth bags lying around the dumps.

Now that is one great way to cut down the production of paper used in dust bags.


1. Rainbow vacuums weigh a ton.

If you are looking for a lightweight vacuum, then this brand of vacuum is not the product for you. Most users complain about the massive weight of this vacuum; it is quite impossible to push and pull this machine with so much ease.

2. Rainbow vacuums are more expensive than most vacuum cleaners.

The machine can cost as much as a thousand dollars. That is sure to bore a hole in your pocket; thus, it is not a great option for those on a shoestring budget.

Few Words on Rainbow Vacuums

Before you decide to purchase your very own Rainbow vacuum, make sure that you weigh the pros and cons first. This vacuum is not like the usual one you see in the market. Before deciding if this is the ideal vacuum for you, you must be familiar with its features.

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