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by Saad Malik


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If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner you are probably doing your research and finding that there are a lot of sources of information available. However many sources provide limited content, contradictory product specifications, and marketing noise. How then does one utilize the vast amount of information available on the Internet to help make a prudent purchasing decision?

Enter the consumer rating. These can cut through the marketing mumbo jumbo and provide potential buyers with real-life information about a product. Many a product, when put to the test by consumers, will not stand up to its manufacturer or retailer purported capabilities. It is important however to consider the sample size of consumer ratings before jumping to conclusions. A vacuum cleaner that receives great ratings from 4 or 5 customers may not really be that great. However a vacuum that receives great ratings from 175 customers is likely to be a good machine.

Fortunately there are a number of websites focusing entirely on vacuum cleaner ratings and some of these also publish lists of top consumer-rated vacuums. One such site is and they have recently published their top rated vacuum lists which include upright, canister, stick and handheld units.

The best upright vacuum for your money is the Shark Navigator Lift Away. Consumers give this machine very high grades and also praise it for its strong suction, light weight and quiet operation. It is also fairly inexpensive at under $200 and it comes with a lengthy 5-year warranty.

Another upright that gets great consumer ratings is the Sebo X4. Sebo was founded in 1978 by two engineers and the company manufactures high quality commercial-grade vacuum cleaners. The Sebo X4 is expensive but it comes with an 800 hour rated motor and a 5-year warranty. It is also designed and manufactured in Germany and is very quiet. The X4 has automatic height adjustment and the vacuum head will automatically move up or down depending on the resistance of the brushbar against the floor surface. This approach optimizes the vacuuming performance. The X4 also has an auto-shutoff feature and it will turn itself off if it experiences a clog or obstruction thereby protecting the motor and belt.

Other highly rated uprights include the Hoover UH30010COM and the Dyson DC25. Both of these are substantially less expensive than the Sebo but cost a little more than the Shark Navigator Lift Away. They also get good consumer ratings and have lengthy warranties.

The top rated canisters are mostly made by Miele. The Miele Olympus, Miele Polaris and Miele Callisto all receive high grades from consumers. Other brands in the canister list include Hoover and Dyson. Top rated stick vacuums include the Hoover Linx, Miele S163, and Electrolux Ergorapido while consumer favorite handhelds are the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Black & Decker PHV1800 and the Eureka 71B.

With over 400 vacuum cleaner models in the US alone it can be a chore to determine which machine may be best for your needs and worth the money. It is also clear from postings on blogs and forums that would-be buyers are very interested in what other consumers have learned about a particular brand or model. Fortunately there are websites that compile vacuum cleaner consumer ratings and these can help buyers make intelligent buying decisions.

Source by Emily Choulasco

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