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Treatment For Bed Bugs – Six Top Tips


by Saad Malik


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The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you have a bed bug problem. If this is true read on for some simple practical tips on treatment for bed bugs.

Bed bugs are usually rusty red in colour and are about 1/5th of an inch in size, about the same as a lady bug. They are quite happy living and breeding in any folds and creases in mattresses and linen but will also inhabit any cracks or holes in the walls and floors of a room. They can travel a fair distance especially in search of food – around 100ft so don’t be surprised to find them in some very obscure places such as clocks, light switches, smoke alarms etc.

The first you know of any bed bug infestation will probably be the red, itchy, swollen patches on your body. These can be painful and if they become infected will most probably need medical attention. In some instances people can have a severe reaction to these bites.

There are many different treatments for bed bugs but which ever you choose it is vital to act quickly before the infestation gets out of control. So, what do you do?

The first thing you must do is establish that bed bugs are the problem. You can do this easily by checking your sheets for blood spots and dead bugs which have been squashed in the night, Carefully check in the folds and along seams of your mattress and also the box spring for signs of live bugs and dark faecal marks and eggs.

Check areas away from the bed too i.e. any holes or cracks in walls and floors. If bed bugs are present again you will most likely find faecal marks at the entrance. A large infestation will give off a characteristic sweet pungent smell.

Probably the most common treatment for bed bugs are insecticides. These can be very dangerous especially to children, pets and people who do not know how to apply them properly and safely.

Before any sort of treatment for the bugs is applied – chemical or otherwise the room and its contents much be systematically and thoroughly cleaned.

Six Helpful Tips

1. Place all bed linen and soft furnishings in sealed plastic bags. It is important that this is done the room where the infestation is to prevent other rooms becoming infected. Were possible launder these items at a high temperature.

2. Any items which cannot be put in the washing machine should if possible be placed in a tumble dryer on a high setting for 10 minutes. Items such as shoes etc. which will not withstand this can be put out in the sun in their sealed plastic bags. Any bed bugs will be killed by the heat. In cold winter weather the same treatment can be used as bed bugs cannot survive in extreme cold either.

3. Clear the room of clutter place newspapers, magazines and so on in sealed plastic bags and dispose of them. Systematically go round the room checking clocks, radios, electrical sockets, smoke alarms and pictures for bed bugs.

4. Scrape out any cracks or holes in the floor or walls and once treated ensure that these are filled in.

5. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean all surfaces floors, curtains, furniture and the mattress and box spring of the bed. This is an excellent tool for this as it will not only lift the adult bugs but also any larvae and eggs as well. Ensure that the bag from inside the vacuum cleaner is sealed in a bag and disposed of immediately.

6. Once the whole room has been cleaned thoroughly chemical treatment can be carried out either using insecticides or one of the many non toxic sprays which are available. Whichever you used ensure that the manufacturers instructions are followed exactly.

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