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Vacuum Cleaners Reviews – The Unbiased Opinion of One That Cleans Their Own House


by Saad Malik


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This vacuum cleaner review was done to determine which was the best. The Bissell 3920 Eraser is an excellent choice for overall cleaning power and price consideration. It has the suction power of twice as expensive machines, yet it still costs less than $150.

Like all good vacuums today, it comes standard with a HEPA filter to help trap the dust and allergy-causing molds it sucks up. It is recommended for homes with pets or homes where the owner wants a super clean house and still has money in their pocket.

Another one that is in the same price range is the Eureka Boss SmartVac. Like the Bissell, it has a HEPA filter and is bagless. It also is priced at around $150.

The bristles on this upright can be turned off so hardwood floors can be cleaned without spitting the debris around.

Those are great vacuums, but the Dirt Devil Vision Cyclonic is the best value. It is priced at just $89.99. It has a 12 amp motor to drive the cyclonic suction power to its bagless collection area that opens at the bottom, so less of what was collected might be spilled.

The exhaust is filtered with a true HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of all dust and allergy-containing molds down to a 0.03-micrometer size. It has a 15-inch cleaning path and a 25-foot cord. This lightweight yet powerful tool makes cleaning more accessible than the other models because it is more maneuverable.

Look at the other vacuum reviews and see that these choices are the top picks by most consumers.

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