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Best Vacuum Repair Solutions in 2023


by Saad Malik


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Vacuums can either be quality pedestals or cheap junk, but eventually, any machine with moving parts will break down. The Kirbys and Hoovers take a little longer to need vacuum repairs.

When a vacuum stops sucking even though it turns on, consumers think it is clogged. However, before examining a clog, you must check for even more common and easily fixed problems.

Unquestionably, most Denver vacuum repairs can be finished by changing the bag or replacing the belt. Bagless vacuum manufacturers like Dyson claim that their bagless machines never need service. You should still try to clean off the filter regularly.

If you have done this and still think you have a clog, ensure the vacuum is unplugged and follow the hose. See if there is somewhere you can remove it and look for anything stuck.

If there is suction at the canister and none at the head, you can be assured that you are looking at a clog in the hose. Some Hoover vacuums come with a reverser, and you can try and blow the debris out. Otherwise, you will need a clothes hanger or dowel to try and poke it out.

Once you think you have removed the jam, try dropping something heavy, like a quarter or marble, through to make sure it is unclogged. Then repeat the process with the head or any attachments that are jammed.

If you turn the vacuum on and the motor does not turn over, then there is a good chance you have an electrical problem.

Powered vacuum brushes have a separate motor that can fail also. If the head is not spinning, but the vacuum is on, look for the wire connecting the power head to the rest of the vacuum.

This is electrical repair work, so if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, you should take it to a Denver vacuum repairs shop.

If you can hear the motor spinning, but the head doesn’t turn, you may be lucky and only need to fix the wiring, not the whole hose. Use alligator clips and an electrical resistance meter to determine how far down power is running in the vacuum.

Another electrical problem is the cord connecting the vacuum to the wall outlet. Cheap plastic vacuum bodies can break at the cord point.

You can do some preventative maintenance to try and prevent the need for Denver vacuum repairs. Don’t fill bags completely because this restricts airflow and overheats the engine. Replace filters and clean out the inside of the vacuum to maintain proper airflow.

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