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Vacuuming Alone Is Not Enough To Protect Your Carpets


by Saad Malik


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Carpet maintenance might seems very simple and obvious, if your carpet is dirty, vacuum it. This is something that most of us do. For example is the family dog runs through the house leaving a trail of soil, we vacuum it. If you drop something on the floor and it scatters everything, you would usually head straight for the vacuum cleaner. We would never suggest that you don’t as you should obviously vacuum your just vacuuming to protect your investment in the long term.

As carpets are so expensive they are considered an investment into your home, but a shocking number of people do not look after them. When you buy a brand spanking new three piece suite, I bet pets are not allowed on it, no shoes, no food, nothing at all. This is quite common and an attempt to ensure that it stays ‘new’ for as long as possible. So why do you not do the same for your carpet?

Although a decent vacuum cleaner can help towards your carpet aging prematurely, it can’t do everything. Carpets need to be cleaned regularly, not that often, perhaps once or twice a year. This cleaning can remove all the dirt, oils, dust, and allergens such as pollen from the very bottom. It is recommended that you contact a professional steam carpet cleaning company to do the job as the equipment can produce a much better result than any home cleaning.

Remember, that just because you require regular carpet cleaning does not mean that you can slack on your vacuuming duties. Vacuuming is an essential part of any carpet maintenance plan, and the more of you do it, the better. You might be surprised to hear that many people do not vacuum enough. Steam carpet cleaning is the best way to ensure that your carpets are not a habitat suitable for diseases to live in, or any other allergens. It is also the only way to remove stubborn stains – something vacuuming just cannot do.

When you start searching for carpet cleaning company able to provide you with regular maintenance and cleaning, ensure that they use state of the art technology that can give you the best possible results. Some companies even use a high filtration vacuum cleaner before they apply any solutions to ensure that your carpets if free from any loose bits and bobs.

Removing stains, allergens, dirt and everything else in your carpet can add years to the life of your carpets, dramatically reducing how often they need replacing. For a cleaner, safer and healthier living environment, ensure you steam clean your carpets as well as regularly vacuuming.

Source by Jemma Porter

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