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WampServer a Tool For Developers and Bloggers


by Saad Malik


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Are you a PHP developer or just blogger who wants to setup a test server for your website or blogs? WampServer is the answer to your problem. If you’re still installing individual applications just to set your site on your local computer, then this may shorten-up your set-up stage and go straight to your development stage.

WampServer is a single application that combines three great utilities; Apache server — a web server which can host basic web pages likes HTML files; PHP — a server side scripting that can be added to an Apache server to enable dynamic content to your webpages; and finally MySQL server — it’s a database engine that that acts as your storage at the back end. WampServer is a window base application that will serve as your web development environment, it also includes PHPMYAdmin for managing your databases.

WampServer is very easy to use even for beginners, just download and run the installer, follow the instruction and everything is done automatically for you. Settings for your server can be adjusted without even touching the setup files, just point and click on the menu that is accessible from the tray icon at the task bar.

Here’s a list of functionalities when you install a WampServer, divided basically with the left and right mouse click on the tray icon. With a left click, Apache and MySQL services can be manage, set who can access the server locally or anyone from your network, switch from different releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP, access logs, server settings and create alias. While using the right mouse click, you can change the menu language, view the about page and close the wamp server.

In addition to all of its functions and benefits, WampServer is free since it’s an Open Source project and its free to us under the GPL License. You can get your copy of WampServer at

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