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Water Vacuum Cleaners in 2023 – Advantages And Disadvantages


by Saad Malik


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Water vacuum cleaners are the most revolutionary and efficient type of all vacuum cleaning unit. With a filtering efficiency rate of 100%, this home cleaning appliance puts to shame the vacuum cleaners made before it. But no matter how expensive and high-tech some water vacuum units are, like everything, it still has their strong points and faults.

The water vacuum cleaner uses water pressure to effectively filter the house’s floor, furniture, air, and other parts. It removes bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in our homes and cleanses the air of bad odor.

Water vacuum cleaners have been proven to help people with allergy problems greatly by eliminating allergens where they live in the household.

Many water vacuum cleaners come with other amazing add-ons. Some have air treatments, including aromatizing, humidifying, and dehumidifying features.

Steam cleaning and stain washing in furniture and hardwood floors are common attributes of such vacuums. They are versatile and can clean just about any surface. All these can be done while using a considerably low amount of energy.

However, experts argue over how effective water vacuum cleaners are. One fault of these vacuum cleaners is that the water it uses must be constantly replaced. Because dust filtering mainly relies on water pressure, the water occasionally gets filthy, and thus the system starts to work ineffectively.

A series of studies have shown that opening the filter compartment while replacing water allows some of the bacteria accumulated to be scattered in the air again.

This shatters the whole point of the 100% filtering efficiency rate. Some have also suggested that HEPA filters are more successful in cleansing the air.

The need for clean water also appears impractical since most water cleaners operate on large amounts of purified water. This is rather costly and unreasonable, especially for home use.

These water units are also big, heavy, and bulky, so as a result, it needs a large storage compartment. It is not ideal for use in small homes and cannot effectively work in small areas. Because they are heavy, only adults can operate the vacuum with ease.

Lastly, the vacuum cleaner is expensive. Unlike air vacuum units, they usually cost about 200 to 350 dollars. High-tech models can cost as high as $2500. This makes it over the top for most American families.

Water cleansing units are suitable only for large facilities and institutions that safeguard cleanliness, such as hospitals and quarantine centers.

All in all, choosing water vacuum cleaners is really up to one’s taste and lifestyle. If you are considering getting one for your household, just make sure you get your model from a trusted brand.

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