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What Are the Causes of the Red Ring of Death on Your Xbox 360?


by Saad Malik


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If you have an Xbox 360 console then there is one thing that you will be dreading or trying to avoid more than any other and that is the red ring of death!

The red ring of death basically means when you turn on your console and the bottom right hand corner red light flashes meaning that there is a hardware failure. Since the consoles launch there has been a huge problems with red lights showing and it has been rumoured that about one in five consoles will end up with this error.

Before you rush off and call Microsoft customer support it is important to know that a different combination of red lights can mean different things. If you look at the power button you will see four different quadrants and depending what combination of quadrants are flashing can mean different things.

For instance if you see the two left hand side red lights flashing then your console is overheating and you can fix this error by simply turning off the console and leaving it for a good few hours. Another thing you can do with this error is get a vacuum cleaner and hoover all the dust out the side and back vents, as the build up of dust can contribute to the overheating problem.

Another problem that is easily solved is the 4 red lights flashing and this is not the red ring of death! All you need to do is check that your AV cable is plugged in firmly and also check that it is plugged in firmly to the television set as well then you should be up and running.

The main problems that you should watch out for is when you get 3 red lights flashing as this means that you have a general hardware failure and more specifically it means that the main chips inside your console have burnt out. There are lots of different speculations as to why the 3 red lights happen but one of the more plausible is that the two main chips the CPU and the GPU simply burn out and shut themselves off to prevent damage to the motherboard.

So what can be done at if you have the red ring of death on your Xbox 360?

One thing that you can do if you still have your console in warranty is simply take it back to the shop where you bought it from and ask for a replacement or a refund. If you’ve run out of warranty then you really only have a few options to fix the problem.

The first thing you could do is buy a brand new console, however you may run into the same problems again and it is a lot of money to spend every time this happens! You can also ring Microsoft customer support and they will arrange to pick up your broken console and repair it for you. The cost of this is about $140 and it normally takes about six weeks to get your console back to you.

Probably the most aggravating part of this is the amount of time it takes for the Xbox to get fixed and if I have seen stories of people getting there Xbox mixed up with someone else’s and even lost in the post. There’s also instances of people getting the same problem again and having to send the Xbox back up to four or five times!

In my opinion the best option to get rid of the red ring of death as soon as possible is to fix it yourself. Some people would argue that this is not possible and that is too complicated however there are step-by-step instructional videos and guides that can be found online that will provide all the information you need to fix your Xbox 360 at home.

After having reviewed many of these guides I can safely say that most of them do not require any technical ability or special skills and do provide an easy way to fix the red ring of death.

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