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Which Dyson Is The Best Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner – Reviews in 2023


by Saad Malik


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Dyson, in general, is known for being the best pet hair vacuum cleaner. Reviews from thousands of real Dyson customers often praise their Dyson as the only vacuum cleaner to effectively clean and manage pet hair dirt in their homes.

If you need the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair in your home, this article will help you understand your Dyson options and how to find a great sale price.

While there are many Dyson vacuum models to choose from, it’s really easy to find which Dyson’s are designed specifically for sucking up pet hair.

Dyson Models

They are all the “purple” Dyson models with the word “Animal” in their name. As of this writing, the following vacuums designed for homes with pets include:

  1. DC23 Animal
  2. DC 24 Animal
  3. DC25 Animal
  4. DC28 Animal

The first model (DC23) is a canister vacuum. The last three models (DC24, DC25, and DC28) are all upright vacuums with a telescoping-reach wand.

Each Dyson model has different characteristics and advantages over one another. Understanding these differences will help determine which Dyson pet hair vacuum cleaner best meets your needs.

DC23 Animal

This is the canister vacuum model, making it a prime candidate if you do not have any carpet in your home. If you have carpet, you should strongly consider the other Dyson models.

The DC23 is small and compact, making it easy to store away. Great for homes with limited storage space. It is also ideal for vacuuming stairs. With its compact size, it can safely sit on the stairs while you vacuum away.

DC24 Animal

The lightest Dyson model (in terms of weight) with “Ball technology” makes this the easiest vacuum to carry around and maneuver. It is also the cheapest of these four Dyson vacuums, which is great if you have budget restrictions.

However, the DC24 also has the weakest suction power. So if you have challenging amounts of pet hair dirt to clean up, I would strongly advise getting one of the other models.

DC25 Animal

This model is the most well-rounded of the four, making it the most suitable vacuum for most homes. It has stronger suction power and a larger dust bin than the DC24, while still relatively lightweight, only about 5 pounds heavier than the DC24. It also rides on Dyson’s Ball technology, allowing easy handling and steering.

DC28 Animal

This is the powerhouse of the group. It has the strongest suction power out of all the Dyson vacuums and is the largest dust bin collector.

However, with all this power and strength, the DC28 is the heaviest to carry around, the largest to store away, and the most expensive model of the four Dyson Animal vacuums. However, if you need heavy-duty help to clean your home, this is one vacuum to consider carefully.

Where Can I Find The Best Price?

Dyson is one of those leading brands where the prices are consistently set at the manufacturer’s retail price. You can find limited deals online, and often you can get them with free shipping. You can also consider searching for refurbished Dyson vacuums to help save some money while still getting the best pet hair vacuum cleaner.

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